Blood Type:AB
Eye Color:Brown(?)
Hair Color:Blond
OOC Data
Game:Street Fighter
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"Respect comes first. Victory and defeat are afterthoughts."

A rugged man from London of considerable wealth and capability, Eagle fancies himself a showman through and through in the wide world of street fighting. Wielding a pair of sticks under the banner of escrima, he believes fights should be carried out not only with skill, but with the grace and intensity to make it stylish and entertaining to watch. His ability to overturn nearly any kind of attack thrown at him gives him a sort of playful (if sometimes arrogant) air, bolstered with a variety of showy movements those of lesser talent couldn't get away with in the ring. While he has an enduring popularity disproportionate to his relative obscurity in recent years, some express concern he is more celebrity than a real contender for fighting supremacy. The notion is not helped by his habit of letting fights drag on in order to achieve the most dramatic possible finish, sometimes letting even lesser opponents grab the upper hand in his seeming carelessness. His showmanship still sees him performing in world-class venues, speaking to his talents as an entertainer across the globe even years after his middling performance in the original World Warrior tournament. Between 'performances,' as he calls them, he moonlights as a bouncer in various clubs and casinos around the world. How he maintains simultaneous bouncer jobs between different countries remains a mystery.

Signature Move:Manchester Black -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:CHARGING -- EMPOWER

Recent Logs

[SNF 2015.05] PFW: A Gentleman Loves A Challenge - It's Maki with one stick and Eagle with two. Will higher numbers prevail, or will might make right? (WINNER: Maki) - Log created on 22:30:17 05/10/2015 by Maki, and last modified on 21:00:20 05/13/2015. Cast: Eagle and Maki.

Two Cool Cats~ - Eagle gets to see a Darkstalker up close. Ice cream is had, and innuendos are made! (Warning for slight sexual innuendo) - Log created on 13:41:11 04/27/2015 by Eagle, and last modified on 17:57:02 04/27/2015. Cast: Eagle and Felicia.

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