Full Name:Dyre Ulven
Weight:185 lbs
Blood Type:
Eye Color:Gray
Hair Color:Black
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:"Come With Me Now" -KONGOS


Dyre Ulven is a mercenary and hit man for hire. An up and comer in the criminal world, he hails originally from Norway. He learned to fight on the streets as a thug and strong arm, but he first made a name for himself in the Blood Pits of the criminal underground of Northern and Eastern Europe. Eventually his brutal and efficient fighting style caught the eye of a criminal kingpin, and he began to sell his services as a thug for hire. While many of his exploits remain hidden, rumors do exist that he's not always and still isn't completely on the up and up. He's broken into the world of professional fighting, not only to hone his skills and put them on display for potential clients, but also to create a viable cover as his activities become harder to hide. While little is known of him outside of the criminal world, even his short time in the public eye has led to rumors of instability and a tenuous grasp on sanity, reality, or possibly both, especially in the fighting ring. But who can really trust those silly rumors anyway?

Style:Blood Pit Brawling and Savagery
Signature Move:X Fortune -- ENERGY
Signature Ability:MINDSET -- SHIFT

Recent Logs

[Unholy Genesis] [UG:Round 3] FENCES - JEDAH is not a cook, he has people to do that for him. But even he knows that to make a soul omelette, you'll need to break a few hundred souls at a time. Il Paradiso Opera House has provided a base for the human resistance, a holdout against the waves of darkstalkers which blast through the area. In past weeks, the darkstalkers have been a looming menace, but never outright attacking ... now, though, with Jedah reneging on his guarantee of safety, all bets are off. And the charge is led by Q-BEE and the vicious SOUL BEES, thrilled by the excitement of catching their meals live. They're pretty used to dealing with heavy weaponry and tanks, so they'll make short work of the human resistance -- that is, they /would/ if BELGER from MAD GEAR hadn't fortified the opera house with small arms fire, or contracted DYRE behind the scenes and below board. But he has -- so combined with Captain ZACH GLENN, the human resistance cell here might actually have a chance of survival! - Log created on 14:47:00 04/25/2015 by Zach Glenn, and last modified on 13:37:19 04/26/2015. Cast: Zach Glenn, Dyre, and Q-Bee.

[Unholy Genesis] [UG:Round 2] ON THE WINGS OF ANGELS - In an attempt to zero in on what's going on, RYU HAYABUSA has entered himself into the tournament -- and it turns out that the next experiment is not human at all. These creatures are genetic aberrations -- easily a half dozen of these horribly oversized dragonflies will be flying through the slums, each one easily the size of a passenger car. So Ryu Hayabusa won't be the only one flying today, as DYRE and EUNHA find themselves leaping from the back of one dragonfly to the other to catch the ninja for a slice of the Majigen Series prize -- whatever form that takes! (w: Ryu Hayadiddy) - Log created on 19:58:43 04/18/2015 by Eunha, and last modified on 23:44:25 04/22/2015. Cast: Dyre, Ryu Hayabusa, and Eunha.

[Unholy Genesis] [UG:Round 1] LEVIATHAN - A RIVER OF BLOOD, a BOAT THAT IS NOT AS IT SEEMS and a WITCH. There's also two others, Zappa, some kind of possessed freak, and Dyre, a double edged man! With the unholy aura of the vessel permeating the air, all the fighters are shown the true nature of the vessel - those that have drowned in an Italian village, that of Celle Ligure! As it swims about, thrashing, it's also thrashed, as the fighters thrash each other! The pain isn't only in the aura here, though the nightmares are real! (Winner: Zappa) - Log created on 14:57:59 04/12/2015 by Zappa, and last modified on 21:48:27 04/13/2015. Cast: Naerose, Dyre, and Zappa.

[SNF 2015.04] BLITZ: Coldest Before The Dawn - Out in the middle of nowhere in the Siberian wastes lies the first and most remote BLITZ. The early morning hours are some of the coldest in the sparse Siberian taiga, but these two merciless fighters are built to handle it, no problem. In the BLITZ arena, British operative LITA faces off against mysterious cutthroat DYRE with all manner of BLITZed weaponry and menacing mayhem! This level of potential brutality is only reserved for the most iron stomached of those behind the iron curtain!! Take up your coat and doff your cap, because we're about to head into THE OCTAGON! - Log created on 19:14:47 04/03/2015 by Dyre, and last modified on 18:53:40 04/05/2015. Cast: Dyre and Lita.

[SNF 2015.03] SNF: Hall Monitor! Stop! - Given the debacle a few months back during the Inter-High School Tournament whereupon several principals were lost to scandal and mysterious disappearances, there is a tremendous interest amongst the tenured school faculty to assure that the Gorin Games go on without similar incident, and they've invited several off-duty police officers to help officiate and volunteer at the event, making sure everything stays above board. It just so happens that there are several less-than-reputable characters skulking around the exhibition signups. So what better time to find out what they're up to than in a good old fashioned Taekwondo match with the local adult representative, EUNHA SIN?! (Winner: Eunha) - Log created on 20:53:46 03/28/2015 by Dyre, and last modified on 09:01:34 03/29/2015. Cast: Dyre and Eunha.

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