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Game:Mortal Kombat
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D'Vorah is of a race called the Kytinn, a cousin species related to the Soul Bees. These bizarre creatures populates the island realm of Arnyek in the depths of the Outworld. It's people are essentially humanoid hive bodies formed by insect colonies. After it was conquered by Shao Kahn, the question was how its people could be made useful. D'Vorah provided an answer, with unparalleled loyalty and insightfulness. She quickly rose within the warlord's ranks, serving as one of the many powerful lieutenants of the court. A dangerous position to be in, for sure, as the court of the Outworld is filled with opportunity and opportunitists. The Kytinn ultimately seeks to further her ends, like so many; only time will tell if she will be one of the few standing in there... one of the countless victims of the court.

Style:Kytinn Assassin Techniques
Signature Move:Bug Spray -- PHYSICAL PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:RESTORE -- REGENERATE

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