Height:6'1" (185 cm)
Weight:222.5 lb. (101 kg)
Blood Type:Blue
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Black
Date of Birth:January 27th
Hobbies:Pottery Appraisal, Gardening, Car Collecting
Personal Treasures:Father's Antique Jaguar
Favorite Food:Steak And Kidney Pie, Tea
Likes:Roses, Tea Time, Being A Gentleman, Familial Pride, Sportsmanship, Manners And Restraint
Dislikes:Uncivilized Behavior, Rudness, Gloating, Dirty Fighting, M. Bison
Best Sport:Professional Boxing
Love Interests:None
OOC Data
Game:Street Fighter
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"Let's fight like gentlemen."

A wealthy British aristocrat, something seperates Dudley from the rest of his upper-class friends... For one, he's a champion boxer. For another, he's probably richer than the rest of his friends. A true gentleman, his eloquent speech and perfect manners disguise a talented fighter, one of the best his nation has to offer. He loves fighting opponents, even those stronger than he is. Though one may think him arrogant, he takes defeat quite well, always learning from his losses. Beyond fighting in the ring, his interests extend to the tastes that the rich can enjoy. Fast cars, big houses, expensive things... Wealth and high living are not always indicative of a lack of substance in an individual, as Dudley demonstrates.

Signature Move:Cross Counter -- PHYSICAL ENERGY COUNTER
Signature Ability:JUST_DEFENDED -- FORTIFY

Recent Logs

[SNF 2019.02] SNF: Red Envelope Day - Mai vs Dudley - It's tradition to give paper money to your friends, family, and loved ones - as well as your employees, the gods, and probably also your local retailers - in a beautiful red envelope on the Chinese new year. Where do they come from? Why, that place must be the luckiest place on Earth! It's not clear just where the luck enters the equation, but a mysterious dripping tank in the factory floor where Mai and Dudley will battle it out does raise certain possibilities... - Log created on 20:49:02 02/19/2019 by Mai, and last modified on 11:25:58 02/25/2019. Cast: Dudley and Mai.

[SNF 2019.01] SNF: Ironic Flavor In London-Town - Lee Ho Fook's is a minor London institution, having provided generations of Englishmen and Englishwomen with delicious food throughout the 20th century. Now they have cross-promoted with Saturday Night Fight, and an international friendship event will take place in the street in front of the restaurant, with complementary delicacies for all. With Dudley as the home-team and the kung-fu monk Gallon as the representative of the East, the only thing that could get in the way is a sudden rainstorm. (Winner: Gallon) - Log created on 15:03:14 01/20/2019 by Gallon, and last modified on 19:07:45 01/21/2019. Cast: Dudley and Gallon.

[SNF 2018.11] SNF: Turkey in the Draw - Boxing isn't a traditional Thanksgiving pastime, and Thanksgiving isn't a traditional Spanish holiday. Neither of these facts will keep the classy boxing champion Dudley and the mercenary pugilist Vanessa from giving an arena full of blood-thirsty Spaniards a heaping helping of violence. But all throughout the fight, there is a mysterious, man-sized egg shuddering in the corner of the ring. What could be hatching from it, in time for Thanksgiving fun_? (Winner: Dudley) - Log created on 20:02:18 12/07/2018 by Vanessa, and last modified on 03:46:14 12/08/2018. Cast: Vanessa and Dudley.

A Saucer With Milk - In his search for a favorite family painting, Dudley comes to the home of Herr Sabrewulf, where he has an interesting chat with the eccentric aristocrat. - Log created on 20:22:10 11/16/2018 by Dudley, and last modified on 01:59:37 11/17/2018. Cast: Sabrewulf and Dudley.

[SNF 2018.11] SNF: Clocked Tower - Up in a stone bell tower, two honorable giants clash--a meeting of traditional English boxing and Kyokugenryuu Karate, as expressed by the inimitable Gentleman Dudley, and Marco Rodriguez, of coarser but no less strong stock. What will befall the two as they test their fists, their skills, and their resolve against each other? - Log created on 18:48:14 11/07/2018 by Marco, and last modified on 14:38:55 11/11/2018. Cast: Marco and Dudley.

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