Full Name: Drake "Domino" Vyril
Game: Original Character
Faction: Independent
Team: Shooting Stars
Profile: Drake, or perhaps better known as Domino, is a great mixture of seemingly contradictory factors. Firstly, he's an excellent professional wrestler, utilizing a self-created style that blends Tae Kwan Do and Jujitsu into professional wrestling. On top of this, he's an accomplished model and has the vanity streak to go with it. And despite being somewhat absorbed in his image, he's actually a highly sociable charmer and decent person. Already a crowd favorite and heartthrob among females for his modelling and successful wrestling career, the cocky, yet alluring Domino has his eyes set on pushing his fame further through streetfighting.
Style: Domino-Style Wrestling
Signature Move: Domino Helix -- ENERGY PROJECTILE

OOC Data

Misc: Anyone feel up to drawing me? ^_^


Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 156 lbs.
BloodType: B+
Nationality: American
Hometown: Providence, Rhode Island
EyeColor: Amethyst
HairColor: Obsidian
Wins: 5 Losses: 3 Ties: 0
Neo League Points/Fights: 3.2/6

Fight History

Loss Neo League 326 #346: Drake vs Hinako Mar 31, 2007
Win SNF 2007.03 Jericho/Alma v RB/Domino/Sarah Mar 31, 2007
Win Neo League 351 #353: Drake vs Roberto Apr 06, 2007
Win Neo League 351 #358: Drake vs Aislinn Apr 11, 2007
Loss Neo League 351 #361: Drake vs Shermie Apr 16, 2007
Loss SNF 2007.04 Spelling Error! Drake vs Akira Apr 19, 2007
Win Neo League 351 #367: Marisol vs Drake Apr 21, 2007
Win Neo League 351 #375: Himeko vs Drake Apr 27, 2007