Full Name:Demitri Maximoff
Blood Type:Unknown
Eye Color:Red
Hair Color:Brown
Date of Birth:1483
Hobbies:Hedonism, manipulation, fighting, usurping, the occult, anthropology
Personal Treasures:His castle, Zeltzereich
Favorite Food:Virgin blood
Likes:Blood, power, domination, luxury, beautiful women, art
Dislikes:The sun, disrespect, disobedience, boredom, House Aensland, mediocrity
Best Sport:Hedonism
OOC Data
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"There's no game more entertaining than that which risks your life.."

A Romanian noble born sometime during the late 1400s, Demitri Maximoff was once just a man, until he contracted the affliction known colloquially as 'vampirism.' Many with the affliction descended into insanity and a gruesome death. But Demitri's power was such that he was able to take control of it and extend his lifespan indefinitely. Becoming a master of the night, Demitri used his power to challenge Belial, the patriarch of the Aensland family. He lost, forcing him to hide his castle Zeltzereich inside the light of the full moon while he recovered and gained his strength. Now having recovered a great portion of his previous strength, Demitri returns to the world reinvigorated, and ready to reclaim his throne. Elegant, mysterious, arrogant and brutal, Demitri is a cruel and powerful creature. With his growing skill in transmutation, there are precious few limitations on his abilities; becoming a swarm of bats, or creating an aura to block out the crippling effects of sunlight on his body are trivial to him, and there are rumors that he is able to control the minds and bodies of the spiritually weak, molding them into better servants for his evil court. Such is the strength of a prince of darkness..'

Style:Unknown Vampiric Fighting Style
Signature Move:Midnight Bliss -- THROW ENERGY
Signature Ability:IMBUED-CHI -- NOVA

NOL Bounty Data

Demitri Maximoff  
Class: ABounty: $375,000.00
WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE Powerful Darkstalker with confirmed violence against humans.

Recent Logs

[Springtide Rosalia 2021] Rosalia #14) Last Dance - What is the meaning of a mortal life? According to some, it is the freedom that makes existence worth enduring. And yet others still disagree. In th guise of a wizened hunter, the great warlord Kira finds the self-described greatest of House Alucard's guests in the midst of an ancient countess' ballroom. It is there, with her very life on the line, that she sheds every falsehood and facade and finds out what her time on this earth has amounted to. "The cruel Alucard gave you to me. But I only wish to be kind." - Log created on 19:04:57 06/04/2021 by Demitri, and last modified on 22:12:09 06/06/2021. Cast: Demitri and Kira Volkov.

[KOF 2019] Prelims 2 - Women's Team vs Miracle Rookies - When the Women's Team discovers that the so-called Miracle Rookies are actually helmed by the Vampire Demitri, Mai and Makoto have a tough fight ahead of them in their second preliminary round! - Log created on 20:51:30 06/26/2019 by Mai, and last modified on 00:48:11 06/29/2019. Cast: Demitri, Makoto Nanaya, and Mai.

[KOF 2019] Prelims 1 - Miracle Rookies vs Heavy Metal Burnin' - King of Fighters is in full swing as two teams clash. While Heavy Metal Burning is ready for a battle they are not ready for the surprise of one opponent this qualifying round. - Log created on 18:07:53 06/08/2019 by Maxima, and last modified on 12:22:19 06/17/2019. Cast: Maxima, K', Demitri, and Aurora.

A Walk in the Park - Seeking out a fresh source of entertainment, vampire lord Demitri decides to enter the annual King of Fighter's tournament in disguise. But who would be willing to team up with an unknown fighter in such a prestigious event? - Log created on 21:17:04 05/23/2019 by Aurora, and last modified on 22:33:40 05/23/2019. Cast: Demitri and Aurora.

Under a Starless Sky - In Metro City's scar of a central park, Clio St. Jeanne meets with a lord of the Darkstalkers, Demitri Maximoff. Thought may be the two share mutual enemies in the NOL, but the reality is deeper and more complex. All the same, the vampiric lord shows an interest in the uninterested and knowledge is gained about the truth behind the facade of the Librarium. - Log created on 11:25:46 05/23/2019 by Clio, and last modified on 12:06:49 05/24/2019. Cast: Demitri and Clio.

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