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Game:Final Fight
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Formerly just a Fighter like any other, Dean's life was changed when the Skull Cross gang's initial riots in Metro City claimed the life of his family. He quickly linked up with Haggar's small team to do something about the gang, driven by a desire for revenge. He utterly despises gangs, and has absolutely no sympathy for criminals who commit violent acts. His brawling style is similar to what you might see out of any random punk, but with a lot more experience behind it. Also, Dean has mastered the art of manifesting his Chi as electricity, giving him a "shocking" complement to his impressive strength. Anger tends to cause Dean's grammar to decline temporarily, and he was observed to say to Haggar when they first met, regarding the Skull Cross, "I'm going to hunt down every last one of them down!"

Style:Electrical Martial Arts
Signature Move:Electric Uppercut -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:< Unrecorded >

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