Full Name:Daisuke Kubo
Faction:Taiyo High
Height:170cm (5'7'')
Blood Type:O-
Eye Color:Emerald
Hair Color:Red
Date of Birth:July 20
Likes:Helping people
Dislikes:Bullies, cruelty
Best Sport:Track
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:


"So what if I'm weak? I'm still not going to just let someone get hurt."

Despite being a very recent transfer to Taiyo High, Daisuke has already been quick to make waves through his school through two things. Firstly, the expression of his kind nature and desire to be helpful that is easily exploited by others to get menial things done for them. Secondly, his habit of defending other students from bullies... even though, more often than not, that leads to him getting beaten up, instead. And yet, the end results of neither of these things seem to stop him from continuing regardless. Outside of his school life, however, Daisuke holds a secret; a mysterious, volatile power developed within his body that allows him to channel what he can only guess to be some manner of spiritual energy through himself. And though he still has not learned to fully control it, the teenager is determined to employ it to help those in need on the streets while wearing a variety of makeshift disguises! ...Even at the risk of the power he fails to fully understand burning him out in the process

Style:Self-Taught Brawling and Volatile Energy Channeling
Signature Move:Blazing Slash -- ENERGY
Signature Ability:IMBUED-PSI -- NOVA

Recent Logs

Senpai and Kouhai - With the NFG drafts finished, Juri calls on her would-be protegé Daisuke to make an important decision on how he will move forward. - Log created on 14:41:50 06/02/2023 by Daisuke, and last modified on 18:16:16 06/02/2023. Cast: Juri and Daisuke.

Juri Teaches a Kid a Lesson. For Real. - After their tense initial meeting, Daisuke plucks up the courage to find Juri and receive her training. Juri discovers that she's really not a very good teacher. But she does her best to use her words rather than just unrelenting violence. Whether or not her high expectations will be born out in reality, well, who knows. At least the hotel room is spared... for now. - Log created on 14:32:05 04/28/2023 by Juri, and last modified on 18:43:54 04/28/2023. Cast: Juri and Daisuke.

The Lesser Evil - On a rooftop in a sleepy part of Southtown, a local hero meets an undeniable villain. One who has an unusual proposal. Will he heed it, or will he continue to walk his path on his own? - Log created on 15:57:04 04/15/2023 by Juri, and last modified on 19:43:44 04/15/2023. Cast: Juri and Daisuke.

[Dead or Alive] New Blade Gospel, pt. 2 - Deep in the bowels of the DOATEC HK headquarters, blasts rip through the complex. Somewhere above, shinobi from all corners of the world war with corporate agents and nightmarish cybernetic assets. Even further above, the sky falls. However, Daisuke still has a mission to accomplish. Somewhere in this facility Raiza has found her way into the middle of a war, and Hideo Shimazu is still lost somewhere within. The entire situation is incomprehensibly dangerous, with evacuation alarms and imminent impact alerts blaring throughout the facility. Searching for Raiza or the missing teacher, Daisuke runs across a mysterious man in the bowels of the corporate labyrinth, clearly injured, but carrying files taken from the holding cell areas. The thing is, Daisuke even seeing him here is a loose end. And Daisuke needs to get past him. - Log created on 12:00:14 07/18/2022 by Whitney, and last modified on 11:36:17 10/16/2022. Cast: Whitney and Daisuke.

[Rising Star 2022] Ristar 2022 R2 - Amandine vs Blazing Panther - In the heart of Shibuya, the calamitous chef Amandine fights against the mysterious masked hero Blazing Panther (spoilers: it's Daisuke) in the second round of 2022 edition of the Rising Star Tournament! - Log created on 15:46:30 05/15/2022 by Daisuke, and last modified on 10:44:09 05/22/2022. Cast: Amandine and Daisuke.

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