Full Name:Doctrine Dark
Blood Type:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
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Game:Fighting EX Layer
Status:Available for Apps
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D. Dark

The man now known only as Doctrine Dark is a profoundly disturbed individual. Once a Special Tactics Officer with the United States Air Force, Dark's entire unit was wiped out in a confrontation with Rolento's forces, and he himself barely survived. He received brain damage, as well as damage to his lungs that necessitates the use of a special breathing apparatus, and doctors thought he would never wake up... but he did. Whether it was the stress of the slaughter, or something that happened during the months of recovery, something inside Dark snapped. Suffering from extreme paranoia, he blames Guile for sabotaging the mission, despite the other man's only peripheral involvement. His greatest goal, and one of the few that remains constant, is arranging Guile's death. Having escaped from military custody, he has become a dangerous killer, attacking anyone who falls under his paranoid fantasies. He often doesn't kill his victims, however, since in his twisted psyche if he beat them, they must not be a threat. Until the next time, when it's obvious that they were just lulling him into a false sense of security.

Style:Special Forces Training
Signature Move:EX-plosive -- PHYSICAL PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:< Unrecorded >

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