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Taken from Botswana at an early age and trained for his entire childhood like all Lin Kuei warriors, the warrior that has been dubbed Cyrax is nonetheless a different, more modern breed of Lin Kuei. Part of a new generation that favors advancement without abandoning the traditions of the clan, he is one of many who has taken to modern weapons and methodology, combining them with the ancient ways of Kombat. This has made him and his generation of Lin Kuei into an increasingly valuable resource to the clan. Using a mechanical arm-mounted saw blade and trapping nets that can be charged with both electricity and his own personal energy, combined with the clan's traditional bombs, he has become one of the best of the clan in hunting and neutralizing their targets and enemies. However his penchant for more advanced weaponry conflicts with prevailing attitudes in the Link Kuei, he is loyal both in mind and body, never crossing the line toward defining himself by his weaponry. He knows all too well the value of the human instinct, and that to define one's solely by their tools is scarcely better than being used as a tool himself.

Signature Move:Bomb -- PHYSICAL PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:EVADE -- ESCAPE

Recent Logs

[Mortal Kombat] MK round 4: KENSHI vs CYRAX - "The Lin Kuei have proven themselves able representatives in this, the grandest tournament. Each warrior fit to gain a king's ransom in golden honors. The gods still find it fit to grace CYRAX with their favor, and in so doing, have found interest for him to match blades against KENSHI. This battle will be decisive in attaining the title of WASP, and so I will host the battle at the Arena in my Palace. Do not displease them, for the gods have the longest memories of all." - Log created on 18:51:40 12/20/2016 by Kenshi, and last modified on 13:42:49 12/22/2016. Cast: Cyrax and Kenshi.

[Mortal Kombat] MK Round 3: Bolivar vs. Cyrax - In the darkness of the caverns beneath Shang Tsung's Palace, two fighters low on conversational appeal do talking with the language of Violence instead, as the man known as Bolivar is tested by Shang Tsung's alliance with the Lin Kuei, courtesy of Cyrax. - Log created on 20:58:44 10/31/2016 by Cyrax, and last modified on 09:19:55 11/03/2016. Cast: Cyrax and Bolivar.

[Mortal Kombat] MK Round 2: Cyrax vs. Sorcha - Assassination Arts meet Magecraft as the Lin Kuei Assassin Cyrax meets Chaos Mage Sorcha in a fight that makes it harder to tell who's on Earthrealm's Side and who's on Outworld's side... - Log created on 18:42:52 10/07/2016 by Cyrax, and last modified on 22:56:36 10/08/2016. Cast: Cyrax and Sorcha.

[Mortal Kombat] MK Round 1: Zabel vs Cyrax - He may not be fighting a resident of Outworld, but with Zabel as his opponent Cyrax is up against something at least as monstrous. A battle of the buzzsaws, with high tech versus dark magic. - Log created on 16:24:19 09/17/2016 by Zabel, and last modified on 23:17:23 09/17/2016. Cast: Zabel and Cyrax.

[Mortal Kombat] A Taste of Things to Come - On the island of the damned in the midst of the Lost Sea a gathering takes place. It is the commencement of the final Mortal Kombat tournament that will decide Earth's fate. Champions from Earth are summoned but their Divine Arbiter seems missing... - Log created on 20:49:49 09/01/2016 by Shang Tsung, and last modified on 02:22:39 09/29/2016. Cast: Honoka, Iori, Aranha, Charlie, Zach Glenn, Daniel, Zabel, Scorpion, Reptile, Nakoruru, Ryu Hayabusa, Cyrax, Alexis, Eadni, Shang Tsung, Cassie, Lotus, and Cooper.

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