Height:6'1" (185 cm)
Weight:176 lb. (80 kg)
Blood Type:O
Hometown:Metro City
Eye Color:Dark Blue
Hair Color:Blonde
Date of Birth:April 18
Hobbies:Fighting, Knife Tricks, Jailbreaking
Personal Treasures:None
Favorite Food:Spinach, Milk
Likes:Starting Fights, Fighting With Intent To Kill, Getting Hit
Dislikes:Haggar's Lectures, Boredom, Mad Gear, Edi E., People Bad At Fighting, Pacifists
Best Sport:Fighting
Love Interests:None (formerly Jessica)
OOC Data
Game:Final Fight
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"Well now, let's see if we can't do somethin' about my boredom."

Cody, though recognized as a hero by most of Metro City, is hardly any such thing. He's a normal guy who cares primarily about two things: his girl, Jessica, and getting by with enough money to live on. Cody never wanted to help destroy the Mad Gear Gang. But when Jessica was kidnapped, he had to act. He teamed up with Jessica's father, Haggar, to combat Mad Gear. He and his friends systematically brutalized members of Mad Gear over the course of their mission. Eventually, he saved his beloved. However, afterwards, Cody was thrown unjustly into jail by Edi. E and Poison, former Mad Gear members. A man of his strength, however, can't be restrained for long, and now Cody's on the run, desperate to clear his name while avoiding the police. A normal joe by any definition, Cody's one failing is his near addiction to fighting, which has gotten him into trouble more than once.

Style:Street Fighting
Signature Move:Ruffian Kick -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:SECOND_WIND -- RALLY

Recent Logs

Job Hunting - After released into the civilian world, Cody pays a visit to an old enemy...for a job. - Log created on 20:40:16 08/10/2019 by Cody, and last modified on 22:22:02 08/10/2019. Cast: Cody and Abigail.

[KOF 2019] Prelims 2 - The Mongrels vs Team WTF - A battle for the ages between legends and and upstarts alike in scenic North Carolina! Team WTF faces the fearsome duo that is Team Mongrel! Explosions, ninjas, waterfalls! - Log created on 03:04:38 06/20/2019 by Zach Glenn, and last modified on 12:04:23 06/27/2019. Cast: Terry, Cody, Zach Glenn, Rust, and Michael.

[KOF 2019] Prelims 1 - Team Kaka vs The Mongrels - Cats versus canines as Mongrel Team and Team Kaka square off in the underworld of Metro City. Which team of world wandering heroes and fugitives will come out on top? Will the Legendary Hungry Wolf defeat the One Eyed Twin Tail Lotus? Can the former Hound of the NOL take down the Fallen Hero of her own hometown? Will Taokaka go hungry? Some of this and maybe more will be answered in this round of KoF 2019! - Log created on 00:27:14 06/07/2019 by Clio, and last modified on 01:20:37 06/18/2019. Cast: Terry, Cody, Clio, and Jubei.

[KOF 2019] KOF: A Night At The Opera - Two blonde fighters investigate an opera house said to be a base of operations for the Southtown Syndicate; except they are both using the same alias. After some clearing up, Cody and Terry team up to fight Syndicate goons and leave a message: they will be coming for them. - Log created on 14:20:53 06/01/2019 by Cody, and last modified on 17:32:30 06/01/2019. Cast: Terry and Cody.

Battle of Bloodlust: Juri V Cody - Cody is bored in the subway, but Juri, who is always spoiling for a fight, has the cure for that boredom. They hit it off pretty well, with their fists. - Log created on 20:34:57 05/30/2019 by Juri, and last modified on 23:02:38 05/31/2019. Cast: Cody and Juri.

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