Full Name:Clarity Reece
Blood Type:O
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Yellow
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:Carousel - Flobots


"If they want it enough, anyone can save the world."

Clarity Reece is a bright young fighter bursting onto the scene in a big way. Getting her start in the heat of the Sunshine City streets, this young rumbler has fought her way through a fair share of FightTube hits. With a crackling aura and her chipper persona, she burns like fireworks and comes bearing the hope and excitement of the youth of the world. When she isn't keeping up with her followers online, showcasing helpful tips and tricks for a happier and healthier you, she is demonstrating the power of her positivity. Because if she can dream it and do it, so can you!

Style:American Kenpo
Signature Move:Spectral Shot -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:CHARISMA -- ATTUNE

Recent Logs

[Rising Star 2022] Ristar 2022 R2 - Meifeng vs Clarity - Rising Star 2022 continues into round 2, as Clarity and Meifeng brawl in front of the Sea Horses Grand Hotel! - Log created on 10:34:24 05/12/2022 by Meifeng, and last modified on 18:59:48 05/15/2022. Cast: Meifeng and Clarity.

[Rising Star 2022] Ristar 2022 R1 - Clarity vs Sven - The FightTube up and comer Clarity faces the disgraced wrestler Sven in a CAGE MATCH in Barcelona! Will the power of positivity and a ton of FightTube followers triumph? Or will it be the power of pain and a cracked heart? This one could be spicy! - Log created on 20:41:52 05/01/2022 by Sven, and last modified on 15:04:57 05/09/2022. Cast: Sven and Clarity.

[Rising Star 2021] Ristar 2021 R1 - Hayley vs Clarity - Ristar Round 1 features a grand cast of up and comers. In front of the hot lights of Neo*Geo Land, Hayley Bretherton faces off against Clarity Reece. Which of these two young women are going to ascend to the bright lights and fame of the Rising Star Tournament? Which of these two are going to be cast aside to rise another day? Tune in to find out. (Winner: Hayley) - Log created on 19:37:31 03/22/2021 by Clarity, and last modified on 12:51:29 04/09/2021. Cast: Hayley and Clarity.

[Neo League 0143] NL#0147: Clarity vs Tairyu - It's a hot summer smackdown in one of Japan's famed bathhouses. See the roving American icon, Clarity Reece takes on the Southtown Syndicate Hotshot, Tairyu Katashi. - Log created on 16:08:11 07/11/2020 by Clarity, and last modified on 01:06:22 07/12/2020. Cast: Tairyu and Clarity.

[SNF 2020.5] SNF - White Sunday - So Pentacost is in May! This is a Christian festival celebrating the descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples of Jesus after his Ascension, held on the seventh Sunday after Easter. And what better way to celebrate the arrival of the Holy Spirit than a succubus acting as the Virgin Mary? In a definitely non-spiritually questionable fight match, the alluring Morrigan is required to dress as a nun for her fight. Fighting against her is the bonny Clarity and energized Vuong, taking on more devilish appearances to tempt the Virgin Mary-gan! - Log created on 11:30:56 05/16/2020 by Clarity, and last modified on 09:13:31 05/28/2020. Cast: Vuong, Morrigan, and Clarity.

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