Full Name:Claire Renaud
Faction:Mishima Zaibatsu
Age:Early Twenties
Blood Type:Undisclosed
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Platinum Blonde
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Game:Original Character
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Claire Renaud is not what people think of when they think of 'member of a secret military force'. Publically, she's known as a flashy fighter, wearing a set of technological combat gauntlets and boots to aid in her combat style. Her flirtatious, teasing demeanour, notoriously showy outfit, and surprising fighting skills only add to her popularity. Privately, though, the truth is a little different; Claire is actually a member of the Tekken Force, Mishima Zaibatsu's secret peacekeepers. After an operation went bad, she recieved experimental cybernetics, and her armoured gloves and boots are only a cover to hide that their weapons are actually built into her body. She enters tournaments to 'keep an eye on things' for the Mishima Zaibatsu and alert them if any of their rivals might be acting up. She's much smarter than she looks and acts in her pose as a tournament fighter... but most of her attitude is quite authentic.

Style:Cybernetically Augmented Brawling
Signature Move:Sauvagine -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:PARRY -- MANEUVER

Recent Logs

[KOF 2017] Act 2: Mission 5 - Act of God - The freak storm that struck Hokkaido is a disaster. While the government scrambles to assign blame, the reclusive CEO of G-Corporation emerges to Nibutani, holding a press conference. With the promise to rebuild the dam and the generator, it seems that human progress would not be stopped without something more stern than a warning. A thunderclap rushes upon the press conference, for teleportation is nothing for a god, especially so close to his warded lands. When Raiden arrives to strike the offending human dead, Kazuya finds unlikely rescue from a bitter source: The Tekken Forces elite, sent by Heihachi as a further humiliation to the man. As Kazuya is forced to flee, Lars and Claire must cover the escape of the Mishima by engaging with Raiden - Log created on 19:08:43 09/21/2017 by Claire, and last modified on 19:57:05 10/09/2017. Cast: Akuma, Lars, Raiden, and Claire.

[KOF 2017] KOF Mission 9: To Catch a Killer - Even though brainwashing a true Darkstalker is a snap for Violet Systems, Lee Chaolan asks, "Who cares?" Mishima Zaibatsu's stance on the matter is far less dismissive. They're VERY interested. Not only will integrating Darkstalkers enable them to wield greater power, it would act as a buffer against G-Corporation's own incredible breakthroughs. Lotus is the perfect subject for capture and conversion, and Claire is under strict orders to bring her in for a fun time of psyche annihilation and unorthodox reprogramming. Understandably, Lotus isn't exactly cool with that, and being a Darkstalker whose favorite hobbies range from stabbings to variation of stabbings, Claire may be in for the fight of her life to contain this psychopath. - Log created on 18:35:51 09/03/2017 by Claire, and last modified on 12:27:09 09/06/2017. Cast: Lotus and Claire.

[KOF 2017] Mission 2) Hack Dot Next - Noboru vs Claire - With the HitBit information finally being processed, fighter data used to be able to log and process remotely. With the new sensors, however, fighter data has become something more than 1s and 0s. Special sites have been set up around the world to manage and compile the data, chi and otherwise, to properly record and store for further experimentation and development. Many have been opposed to HitBit data, however; some have pursued legal recourse. Others, like Noboru, have a more personal approach. Noboru will be infiltrating the HitBit Processing Site, with the intent to sabotage the data in order to protect the integrity of ninjas. But with secret agent Claire of the Tekken Force running the show, we can only see just how far he can get. - Log created on 17:58:17 08/15/2017 by Claire, and last modified on 00:06:31 08/17/2017. Cast: Noboru and Claire.

[KOF 2017] B4 Qualifier: Rising Dragons vs Beautiful Girls - Leads: Ryu vs Mai. Location: Japan - Southtown Overpass. Underneath the Southtown Overpass, looks faces against talent, as the Rising Dragons 2017 butts heads with the Beautiful Girls Team in a fight for the 4th Bracket. The Rising Dragons 2017 bring recurring world warrior Ryu with a young prodigy Sakura, a fresh face to King of Fighters, if not the organized fighting circuit. Facing against them is three beautiful and dangerous ladies. Claire, Mai, and Fumiyo mix raw sex appeal with deadly skill, proving that good looks does not belay pure talent. Both teams will have to bring it all if they want to qualify into the tournament of kings. - Log created on 19:48:32 08/09/2017 by Ryu, and last modified on 17:37:56 08/15/2017. Cast: Ryu, Sakura, Claire, Fumiyo, and Mai.

[KOF 2017] Three Women Walk Into A Bar - Actually, two of them started there. Either way, a (slightly drunken) team is formed... - Log created on 19:18:55 07/22/2017 by Claire, and last modified on 09:21:48 07/23/2017. Cast: Claire, Fumiyo, and Mai.

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