Full Name:Ben Ferris
Blood Type:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
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Game:Killer Instinct
Status:Available for Apps
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"You know how the saying goes. 'Play with fire...' well. You know the rest."

A highly decorated Army operative who left a noble career to perform less-than-legal paramilitary contract work, Ben Ferris has always been too pragmatic for his own good. Though ultimately doing the same black-bag work he did for the Army, it turns out seedy corporations pay a lot more than governments. After being decorated as a hero, his lust for something more lucrative and his unquestionable talents got him on Interpol's Most Wanted lists, a problem that's never really slowed him down. Of course, when he received the call to infiltrate Ultratech and steal information on its mysterious program to manipulate human DNA to release its power, his life changed forever. The truth is, Ben's loyalties have always been.. fluid. And when he found out that the megacorporation was planning, he couldn't help but join up. Now a living being of pure plasma-hot fire contained within a molten armor containment core, he's got old Ben's skill and now the pure raw power to back it up. Right now, Ben's having the time of his life working as one of Ultratech's strongest operatives. He's even polishing up a brand-new codename for himself.

Style:Fire-Enhanced Special Forces Training
Signature Move:Trailblazer -- ENERGY
Signature Ability:MANIPULATE -- SHROUD

Recent Logs

[Dead or Alive] The Road Less Travelled - While other nations have taken a more clandestine approach to the political stability surrounding the tournament, Zepp's efforts have been considerably more forthright. After seizing abandoned DOATEC assets from rebel militants in India, Zepp has not responded kindly to the sudden appearance of a huge flying fortress over the ocean. The security sanctions it imposes make it very hard for unauthorized personnel to sneak in. Unauthorized people like Lyraelle. She's finally pinned the tracking mark to its final resting place: the ominous Fatal Core. Of course, she'll have to get through the flying security blockade first, composed mostly of a man the size of a wall. And the war the muscle wall is currently having with Ultratech's security detail, a man who is apparently made entirely of plasma and witty comebacks. And she has to do it at a screaming 193 km/h. On stolen Ultratech hypercycles. On a road made entirely of forcefields. No problem. - Log created on 20:51:33 03/30/2022 by Cinder, and last modified on 10:19:24 05/06/2022. Cast: Cinder, Potemkin, and Lyraelle.

[Dead Or Alive] The Janus Project - Company Policy - After a pair of competing contractors and their erstwhile comrades conspire to form an unlikely alliance around taking a guard from DOATEC captive, the co-conspirators have found shocking evidence of the company's collaborations with Ultratech. Unfortunately, they may not survive to get the information onto paper. Ultratech is a company that is known for keeping track of every percentage point, and the variance in their shipments did not go unnoticed. Not at all. And now, they've sent someone very familiar with contract work to deal with the unsavory evidence in a very, very plain way. - Log created on 19:17:10 02/13/2022 by Cinder, and last modified on 23:55:34 03/09/2022. Cast: Gregory, Cinder, and Velvet Blue.

[Killer Instinct] [KI:Round 3] OHH MAN..YOU MESSED UP NOW - After a stunning battle, Hayabusa and Baiken formed a powerful alliance. However, Ultratech seems to be powerfully aware of everything that goes on within their purview, and it takes quite the show to throw them off the trail. However, a series of sabotaged transports carrying weapons to central Russia has put Ultratech on the defensive. It's about time they activated one of their strongest lieutenants. In the ruins of the war, Hayabusa will discover a treasure trove of information detailing the others classified as 'high risk assets,' and lists of captured fighters. He'll find that, and one of Ultratech's strongest lieutenants. "The ninja's still not dead? Jeez. It's almost like you guys are trying to keep a PG rating or something. Tell you what: I'll go out there and reason with him a little. I'll explain to him that his friends Leonardo and Donatello are off eating pizza and that he's going to miss out on his slice if he doesn't buzz off. Hmm. On second thought, maybe I'll just burn him down--you can't sneak around if all that's left of you is your component atoms!" - Log created on 21:47:09 09/11/2015 by Ryu Hayabusa, and last modified on 11:17:07 09/21/2015. Cast: Ryu Hayabusa and Cinder.

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