Full Name:Christie Monteiro
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Christie Monteiro

Christie is the granddaughter of a Ho Chi Myong, a very prominent capoeira fighter who also happened to be Eddy Gordo's master. She and Eddy became friends over the course of his training, but fell out of touch when he and Christie's grandfather gave themselves up to false charges of murder. Once Eddy was released, the two came together again and, this time, Eddy passed down his techniques to Christie. She proved to be a most capable student and incredible fighter after only two years of training. The happy times did not last, though, as once again Eddy vanished from her life with no explanation other than having to seek vengeance against his father's actual murderer. Now feeling herself able to help him, Christie is on a search for her friend, not realizing that her grandfather is quietly suffering from a fatal illness back home.

Signature Move:Island Mirage -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:RESOLVE -- GROOVE

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