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Game:Guilty Gear
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Chipp Zanuff had everything he needed to be a loser. Born and raised on the streets, he swiftly fell into the typical vices of drugs and crime. Chipp was little more than a junkie and a dealer. But Chipp found something more addictive than heroin: being a ninja. A chance encounter with the ninja master Tsuyoshi was what was needed to turn his life around. Abandoning his criminal past, Chipp fully dedicated himself in the ways of the ninja. His master was ultimately assassinated, and Chipp now vows to find out who was behind the murder. Simple-minded, impatient and quick-tempered, Chipp is still an idealistic optimist who believes that everyone should have the same chance at a second life like he had. Talented in his master's Ninjutsu, he is proficient in invisibility, illusions, duplication, teleportation, and superhuman speed, and even has skill in the elemental chi techniques of a true ninja master.

Style:Tsuyoshi-style Ninjutsu
Signature Move:Alpha Blade Plus -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:RUSH -- BLITZ

Recent Logs

[KOF 2017] KOF Act 3: Mission 18) Iron Clad - Urien--and the Illuminati--have achieved their goals. Now all that remains... is cleaning up. The simplest way to achieve that is to let the would-be hunters come to Urien. With his trusty(?) secretary, Kolin, at his side, the Iron Tyrant waits for the ninjas and heroes of justice to crush themselves against the iron wall of his indomitable willpower and savagery. - Log created on 19:04:17 12/02/2017 by Kolin, and last modified on 01:56:44 12/17/2017. Cast: Alma, Urien, Kang, Chipp, Kolin, and Mai.

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