Blood Type:Not hers
Eye Color:Green on black
Hair Color:Black
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:


"I want to play!"

Cherri is an inhuman, predatory monster known as a Darkstalker. The particular TYPE of entity she is appears to be no more than a child's doll, if a rather well-made one. However, her true nature is of a dark and twisted creature that inhabits the doll's form, loathing humanity and taking every opportunity to torment and kill them. She has only ever cared for two humans in life, one of whom was killed by other humans during the insane and objectively evil witchcraft trials that claimed the lives of countless innocent people, and the other, a child who discovered her recently, whose despondency and dire circumstances reminded Cherri of that first to ever make her hollow heart feel anything. Now she uses the skills of murder she has accumulated over the centuries to protect her only friend, while looking for more "playmates" to carve up.

Style:Terror Dolly and Knife Work
Signature Move:Let's Play! -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:MANIPULATE -- SHROUD

Recent Logs

[SNF 2018.11] SNF: Black Christmas - Just in time for this holiday season! Erika has been tasked with playing Jackie Frost and turning Southtown Mall into a winter wonderland! What happens, however, when Erika's opponent doesn't make her match...and one of the Christmas toys on site turns out to be more of a Halloween leftover? More importantly, will people stop trying to start Christmas season before Halloween is over?! - Log created on 18:27:45 11/09/2018 by Erika, and last modified on 14:58:22 11/19/2018. Cast: Erika and Cherri.

[SNF 2018.10] SNF: Dead Of Night - Velvet Blue travels to the Dream Amusement Park on the outskirts of Southtown to do battle with Cherri, the Killer Doll! - Log created on 17:04:08 10/17/2018 by Velvet Blue, and last modified on 23:26:34 10/20/2018. Cast: Cherri and Velvet Blue.

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