Full Name:Gabriel Leblanc
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Game:Original Character
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Chat Noir

"No hard felines, chérie~"

An orphan left to die in the streets of Paris, Gabriel Leblanc was raised to perform various street cons, sleight of hand and pickpocket tricks. His feline grace and senses gave him a predisposition for such acts of thievery and his love for 'shiny' objects the motivation to constantly perform more perilous burglaries. His streak of spectular thefts in Paris in his early teenage years had earned him the alias 'Chat Noir' which he still carries up to this day. He spread his infamous notoriety Chat Noir beyond the borders of France, stealing sensitive information from governement, experimental prototypes to secret organisations and various priceless and renown jewels. Up to this day, he's always managed to stay under the radar of the various organisations who are actively searching him, proving to be a sly escapist. True to his nature, Chat Noir is independant and temperamental, his loyalty to others constantly shifting like his moods. Those who've encountered him would describe him as a mischievous, carefree and charming individual with complete disregard toward law and order.

Style:Swashbuckling whip and claws
Signature Move:Cataclysim -- ENERGY
Signature Ability:RESOLVE -- GROOVE

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