Full Name:Cammy White
Faction:Special Forces
Weight:118 lbs.
Blood Type:B
Nationality:Test Tube Baby (Looks Caucasian)
Hometown:Point 48106
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Blonde
Hobbies:Knife Throwing
Likes:Cats, cheesecake
Dislikes:Everything when upset, soups, Vega
Best Sport:Gymnastics
Love Interests:Too busy
OOC Data
Game:Street Fighter
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"Target acquired... Beginning mission!"

Cammy White is a skilled fighter whose own past is a mystery to her. She seems to have a history as a warrior, with a high degree of training and physical ability, but she has no idea where it comes from. Initially reacting mostly on muscle memory, her skills were desirable for the group Delta Red and she received education, training, and a new life in exchange for carrying out the special operations for MI6. While Delta Red was supposedly disbanded in protest over the British government deploying a Gear in the Gearwar, it has been re-established under more covert auspices in recent times to deal with the many enemies that continue to threaten the nation and the world. Cammy is at the forefront of this, trying to protect the only people who know her right now while also trying to find out more about who she really is.

Style:Shadaloo + Delta Red Special Forces Training
Signature Move:Spiral Arrow -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:RUSH -- BLITZ

Recent Logs

SNF: Night Train to Terror - Delta Red's own Cammy White boards Noro's Express, redecorated as the "Night Train to Terror" for a spine-tingling battle against the Gridiron Grinder, Brian Battler! Will this final girl manage to outmaneuver her brutal opponent in these claustrophobic confines, or will he pound her into hamburger? Wait, what's this about an escaped convict? This wasn't in the script _ what do you mean Battler's down for the count? Then who's on the train?! - Log created on 20:56:02 10/16/2018 by Cody, and last modified on 01:08:49 10/18/2018. Cast: Cody and Cammy.

[SNF 2018.09] SNF: Service Rivalry - One of the most important matters within the ranks of the guardians of the nations of the world is keeping at the tip top of training. The safest and most effective way of keeping cutting edge? Interorganizational combat. Cammy must face off against Potemkin at the Fairchild Air Force Base, in order to settle some cross-service benchmarks. It's the Killer Bee vs the Stone Wall in this showdown, to see with Zepp can keep up with the best of the Delta Red. - Log created on 18:29:07 10/04/2018 by Potemkin, and last modified on 14:03:57 10/06/2018. Cast: Cammy and Potemkin.

Moonlight Interlude - Relaxing for the night on his Party Boat, Ken Masters spies a spy who has already spied him, and approaches her just as she knew he would! Cammy nonetheless has difficulty gathering meaningful intelligence on Ken; it's possible he doesn't have any. - Log created on 20:17:28 08/02/2016 by Ken Masters, and last modified on 23:40:38 08/05/2016. Cast: Ken Masters and Cammy.

Competing - Cramped quarters - A prototype weapon being shipped from NESTS to 'R' getting intercepted by the Illuminati and Shadaloo? What can go wrong! - Log created on 20:40:21 12/23/2014 by Kasumi, and last modified on 23:33:21 12/31/2014. Cast: Cammy and Kasumi.

The Dollhouse: Psychic Integrity - Some important discussions are had in the lovingly-appointed living spaces of the Dolls. - Log created on 20:09:23 12/18/2014 by Satsuki, and last modified on 03:58:25 12/19/2014. Cast: Cammy, Juli, and Satsuki.

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