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The village where Bridget was born was extremely superstitious; the birth of male twins was so considered so inauspicious that a town covenant declared that the younger of the sons must either be exiled, or killed. Rather than face the loss of one of their twins, Bridget's parents decided to conceal the truth by raising Bridget as a girl. As a child, Bridget put on a brave front. As time marched on, though, living with the guilt became too much to bear -- Bridget decided to leave town in search of fame and fortune. Armed with yo-yos and a teddy bear named Roger, Bridget hopes that returning home with a successful career would convince the townspeople of how wrong they were!

Style:Yo-yos + Teddy Bear
Signature Move:Roger Rush -- PHYSICAL PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:VIGOR -- INNERVATE

Recent Logs

[SNF 2018.05] SNF: MIDNIGHT CHANNEL: Heaven or Hell - In this exciting MIDNIGHT CHANNEL event, the pious Bridget is dispatched to investigate the strange whisperings from a cabin in the woods. This is not simple girl at sleepaway camp, however, as Bridget is and up-and-coming bounty hunter! Unfortunately, Bridget is not alone for this spooky adventure, as the cabin also plays home to the Miniature Mistress of the Night, Lilith! Who will claim the secrets of Crow Cabin, whatever they may be? Can Bridget exorcise this foul temptress of the night or will Lilith turn the tables on the innocent youth? - Log created on 16:39:27 05/23/2018 by Lilith, and last modified on 00:32:23 05/24/2018. Cast: Lilith and Bridget.

Bountiful Harvest - In the wake of her Terry Rogers interview, Jezebel is obsessed over her performance, and how everyone is turning against her. While she gently complains to the producer, however, she is visited by a number one fan. Except it isn't a number one fan; It's Bridget, looking to follow up a bounty on Jezebel. Unfortunately, Jezebel only knows of one bounty: A million dollars for her life. - Log created on 19:19:57 05/16/2018 by Jezebel, and last modified on 17:30:14 05/17/2018. Cast: Jezebel and Bridget.

Daniel Jack Investigates: Nun Too Holy - In a stunning, accurately researched revelation on the actual activities behind the Christian cult known as The Catholic Church, Daniel Jack's latest adventure unveals the dangerous and seedy life of the criminal sect. Lead by the sinister Pope, the secret society of religious fanatics targets our hero as he works to save some lost souls. Sending their insidiously alluring but deadly Bridget, the holy agent manages to track and trap our stalwart hero. Will Daniel Jack resist the wiles of the holy agent? Or will he discover Bridget is... Nun Too Holy?! (The cover shows Daniel Jack stripped to the waist, chained to a massive rack. The rack is positioned over a massive font filled with boiling sacrimental wine. The pope sits on his throne watching, as a pair of nubile nuns cling to his legs. Two hooded cardinals in red cloaks stand on each side of him. Bridget stands by him, and is clad in both a habit and a strapless red dress. Bridget is running a cruel finger on his chest, head thrown back in cackling laughter as Daniel is clearly slowly being lowered into the font) (45 cents) - Log created on 13:15:39 04/19/2018 by Daniel, and last modified on 23:28:00 04/19/2018. Cast: Daniel and Bridget.

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