Full Name:Brett Neuer
Faction:Gorin High
Weight:202 lbs.
Blood Type:
Hometown:Duluth, MN
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Brown
Likes:Fishing, Hard Work, Snowy Weather
Dislikes:People who don't put in an effort, Deer, Poutine
Best Sport:You're Kidding, Right?
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:Inner Light by Shocking Lemon, Without a Fight by Hoobastank


Brett Neuer is not a typical fighter. Surprisingly timid and overly polite at times, Brett would consider himself a hockey player first, and a fighter second. Despite his good nature, however, he has grown with a reputation for his relentless and powerful physical play on the ice. That reputation has followed him to Southtown, taking an international scholarship with Gorin in hopes of jumpstarting a campaign to raise the profile of his flagging sport. However, with the fight game overshadowing other sports, he has his eye upon joining the fighting circuit to further spread the gospel of hockey. With a work ethic from his mining heritage, hard checking attitude in a fight, and powerful will to make an impact in his fights, the good-natured kid from northern Minnesota is hoping to show just how fierce a true hockey fight can be.

Style:Ice Hockey-inspired Street Fighting
Signature Move:Hurricane Check -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:TOUGHNESS -- MOMENTUM

Recent Logs

[SNF 2016.08] SNF: THINK OF THE CHILDREN - ALOYSIUS: "Now this is true cinema. Hoffman in one of his earliest roles. The desperation and strife of a marriage torn to shreds. A desperate struggle and poignant commentary on the changing times of the 70's. The presentation of character metamorphosis and a noncommital deposition of the divorce process. In a traditional Metro City brownstone, we highlight MURDERHOUSE and CASSIE CAGE as husband and wife in a struggling marriage as they try to keep things from getting ugly for the sake of their children, SHOMA and BRETT. For budgetary constrictions, we leased a brownstone for our set that also doubles as a local boys and girl's club meeting location, which we will be sponsoring.." <Winner: Cassie/Shoma> - Log created on 20:03:21 08/14/2016 by Cassie, and last modified on 02:08:44 08/15/2016. Cast: MURDERHOUSE, Shoma, Brett, and Cassie.

Natsu Is A Big Dumb Cow - Because she won't let me hang out with her, she always picks on me, and she's always stuffing her face with cakes and it goes right to her big fat thunder thighs. And Karin is there, and Karin won't even help me get back at Natsu, even though she has lots of money. At least Brett was there, I can blackmail him into helping me ruin stupid Natsu's life later. Also I think this was a mall where Bryan killed a bunch of a people? I don't know I was just there for bakery goods and innocence there are a lot of malls in Southtown. - Log created on 13:52:34 07/27/2016 by Momo, and last modified on 11:49:08 07/28/2016. Cast: Natsu, Momo, Karin, and Brett.

[SNF 2016.07] SNF: American Sports-Off! - Hey Colin! Yes Ryan? When I ask you about the greatest American sport, what do you think of? Well I think of hockey! Noooo not Hockey you think of baseball. Well no Ryan, I think we are gonna have to agree to disagree, by agreeing to have Real American Alice Nakata face Pseudo-American Hockey Star Brett to determine the real sport! In order to best decide the best, we will be taking place in a super-sports stadium set up right in the midsts of the Ancient City of Petra! Thatís right! There is an ice rink AND a baseball diamond set up just for this purpose! MURICA! - Log created on 20:12:04 07/05/2016 by Alice Nakata, and last modified on 09:47:25 07/07/2016. Cast: Brett and Alice Nakata.

[SNF 2015.03] SNF: Protecting your loved ones - Looking forward towards the future of modern medicine, Ultratech asks the following question: What is a miracle? Is it something that can only be couched in spiritual terms, or is it something that can be quantified and achieved by men? Ultratech is strongly of the belief that you should never be resigned to the limitations of today's technology. Through advanced cellular regeneration research, the prototype hypoderm Safeseal is offered for today's demonstrations, wherein a live battle will be carried out with samples of each product. This new medical breakthrough stands to revolutionize both the medical industry and the sports entertainment fields. With Ultratech's new and innovative product lines, we know success, and soon, you will too. - Log created on 19:26:04 03/14/2015 by Jira, and last modified on 02:24:14 03/15/2015. Cast: Brett and Jira.

[SNF 2015.01] SNF: Ambulance Chaser - In perhaps one of the most risky SNF matches to date, Hollywood vehicular mayhem is recreated live and with no stunt doubles as rising wrestling star Rainbow MIka faces off against Gorin High's own Brett Neuer, on the top of a speeding ambulance. And having further mayhem along the highways not far from the mobile fight doesn't help the poor duo's situation much either. (Winner: DKO) - Log created on 22:28:59 01/24/2015 by Brett, and last modified on 13:07:06 01/25/2015. Cast: Rainbow Mika and Brett.

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