Full Name:Bonne Jenet
Height:5'6" (167cm)
Weight:108lbs (49kg)
Blood Type:AB
Hometown:Bristol, UK
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Blonde
Date of Birth:January 23rd
Hobbies:Nail art, invading territorial waters
Personal Treasures:The Lilien Knights, and her submarine
Favorite Food:Sirloin steak
Likes:Booty, more booty, Eurobeat, even more booty
Dislikes:Diesel ships, breaking a nail
Best Sport:Tennis, equestrian
Love Interests:Terry Bogard... booty... *sigh*
OOC Data
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:

Bonne Jenet

At first glance, B.Jenet appears to be a beautiful, intelligent socialite, which her behavior and interests do little to belie. However, the graceful Bonne Jenet isn't merely another pretty face; she leads the Lilien Knights, a modern-day pirate crew. Far from being a murderous bunch of thugs, however, the Knights are simply interested in treasure and having a good time, which includes all manner of fighting. Jenet herself is an accomplished fighter and a responsible leader, even if she acts a little eccentric and flirty much of the time. The Lilien Knights travel the seven seas in their technologically advanced submarine, which has several tricks to evade detection by most government militaries. Jenet is always interested in finding new members to add to the Lilien Knights, whether they be looking to help out with capers or with tournaments, which Jenet enjoys taking part in. Her fighting style is very flashy and impressive to behold, revolving largely around spinning and twirling effects alongside chi manifestations that resemble powerful winds.

Style:LK Arts
Signature Move:Buffrass -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:CHARGING -- EMPOWER

Recent Logs

[Rising Star 2021] Rising Star Interviews - Angel vs B. Jenet - In preparation for the Rising Stars tournament, Angel seeks out an interview for entry! When she arrives at a beach resort, a particular pretty pirate princess declares she's there to test her mettle. Flying fists and fanservice ensue. - Log created on 13:38:24 03/09/2021 by Bonne Jenet, and last modified on 11:52:05 03/16/2021. Cast: Bonne Jenet and Angel.

[Trouble in Paradise] TIP - Week 9000 - Team SWAG vs Naval Orange - Mutiny beneath the waves! Sex and drugs! Violence! Eyepatches! Pat Benatar! Mermaids! Dead mermaids! Most of these in just a single pose! ARRRRRRR! PEEEEEEEEEE! - Log created on 17:56:37 02/10/2015 by Saishu, and last modified on 23:15:57 02/27/2015. Cast: Bonne Jenet, Saishu, May, and Shingo.

[Trouble in Paradise] TIP - Week 2 - Hunting for Mermaids - At long last -- that is, after about a week -- Zack has gone mad with power. Borrowing Lee's yacht, he has set sail to cruise around the vicinity of Zack Island in search of mermaids, who rumors say sun themselves upon the rocks. That Zack's underlings spread this rumor does not seem to be of concern to him. Needless to say, participants are invited to lounge and play on the deck of the yacht or float peacefully in its vicinity as it slowly circles the island. But what lurks beneath the gentle waves? If a man cannot find a mermaid, perhaps he can create one. - Log created on 20:48:20 02/06/2015 by Zack, and last modified on 03:18:30 02/07/2015. Cast: Bonne Jenet, Tran, Benimaru, Sada, Sakura, Natsu, Robo-Tran, Tia, Jam, Caoimhe, Lee Chaolan, Jira, Zack, Johnny Cage, Azumi, Ryu Hayabusa, Alice Nakata, and Walter.

[Trouble in Paradise] TiP - Week 1 - Naval Orange vs Goochi Goochi Duo - Mila and Naerose are chilling on the beach, when a mighty submarine rises from the depths and pirates jump out of it! Lots of pirates, but notably Bonne Jenet and May, who attack them! The Goochi Goochi duo defeat the pirates, but sadly Naerose does not get her chocolate filled gold coins. However, the promise of chocolate filled gold coins looms on the horizon. - Log created on 18:24:31 01/30/2015 by Bonne Jenet, and last modified on 00:44:51 01/31/2015. Cast: Bonne Jenet, Naerose, Mila, and May.

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