Full Name:Jigokunokishi
Faction:Sacred Order
Weight:320 pounds
Blood Type:Scalding
Nationality:Japanese, maybe? He thinks?
Eye Color:Glowing yellow
Hair Color:Black
Favorite Food:Carolina Reaper
Likes:Music, booze, target practice
Dislikes:Monsters, dry counties, mirrors.
Best Sport:Dice in the alley
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Ron Perlman
Theme Song:"Blue Train", by John Coltrane

Big Blue

"Another day, another monster. Alright, let's do this."

Oni. Creatures of chaos, big ugly bastards with horns and clubs. Well, that's Big Blue here. He doesn't know the details of the cult his parents were part of, and he doesn't remember what happened to turn him from a healthy baby boy to a healthy giant blue baby ogre, but according to police reports, all of them chose death by cop when their big important ritual got interrupted. After that he was raised personally and instilled with a sense of justice and purpose by the church that took him in. Cut to many years later and he's now a member of the Sacred Order, where his powerful size, power and affinity for Oni magic serves him well. Armed with his own power as well as a number of artifacts whose effects he can channel, this 'Knight Of Hell' serves now as a defender of humanity. Even if it hurts.

Style:Bar-Room Brawling with Oni Magic
Signature Move:The Iron Gauntlet -- PHYSICAL ENERGY REFLECT
Signature Ability:BRACE -- BULWARK



With gleaming black horns coming from the front of his skull and shooting straight up a few proud inches, and a respectable pair of bottom fangs that jut up in a similar fashion, there's little question that this is an oni, even before you get to the blue skin and glowing, gleaming yellow eyes. Though in place of the "wild" hair, his black locks have been done up in a traditional samurai's topknot. His general frame is powerful and thick, with long lips, massive hands, and a powerful chest and shoulers. His legs are thick and long, but in comparison with his arms, don't look to be as 'massive'.

Big Blue is dressed in clothing that might identify him as a member of the Holy Order, namely a brilliant white duster that goes to his ankles, with a blue 'cross' type design around the torso. Blue's duster is kept wide open, however, showing his dark gray t-shirt underneath and his BDU pants, pants that are held up by what could only be called a utility belt with tons of charms and other kinds of equipment hanging from it. On the left-hand side of that belt is a holster, and hanging in that holster is a simple black pistol. And on his feet are a pair of black biker boots that his pant-legs are tucked into.

This is a decent-enough approximation: https://www.heroforge.com/load_config=1397825

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