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Game:Slam Masters
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Biff Slamkovich

The son of a Russian senior bureaucrat, Biff has received special education in wrestling since he was a child. He practices an assortment of martial arts and has won many championships. But his true love was wrestling. Disliking showmanship, Biff prefers executing his attacks with concentrated power and playing out every move in his head. A lover of America (Especially American Heavy Metal music!), his international credentials took him to Metro City, where he was even a student at Mike Haggar's gym. There, he met his rival and partner, Gunloc, and joined up with the Capcom Wrestling Association. It upsets him greatly that some individuals consider wrestling to be fake, and considers himself an ambassador of not only his country, but of wrestling in general.

Style:Pro Wrestling
Signature Move:Head ROcker -- PHYSICAL THROW
Signature Ability:RESOLVE -- GROOVE

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