Full Name:Bela von Podiebrad
Weight:110 lbs
Blood Type:AB
Hometown:Podiebrad Manor, Hungary
Eye Color:Hazel
Hair Color:White
Date of Birth:October 23
Hobbies:Watercolors, Musical Composition, Sculptures
Personal Treasures:The Golden Scepter Of The Patriarch
Favorite Food:Dobos Torte
Likes:Art Galleries, Creativity, Criticizing
Dislikes:Criticism, Stupidity, Plainness
Best Sport:Water Polo
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:David Bowie
Theme Song:


"Let justice be done, though the world perish"

In the world of monster hunting, The House of Podiebrad is little more than a joke. Centuries ago they were the stalwart face of the Raven Guard, a mercenary force of monster hunters that nearly purged the vampire menace from Central Europe. But in modern times, they can barely supply enough viable heirs to complete the intricate rituals required to lead their House. However, at the passing of the latest Patriarch a new heir appeared with the potential return the failing family to its former glory, the reclusive artist Bela von Podiebrad. The distant and moody man unexpectedly conquered the trials of the Patriarch to become ruler of the house, and despite much skepticism, has continued to meet all of the requirements of one in his station. Wielding the Golden Scepter of Podiebrad which he is able to bend into whatever form he wills, combined with a mastery of the martial techniques of his brethren, Bela has declared that the dark age of the House has finally come to an end. But despite his successes, rumors abound around the new Patriarch's sudden rise to power, as well as the haunting demonic figure often caught lingering in his presence...

Style:Unified Podiebrad Arts
Signature Move:All That Glitters -- PHYSICAL ENERGY REFLECT
Signature Ability:STYLE -- VERSATILE


&info me=Peaceful Bela Theme -
Aurel Theme -
Szabolc Fight Theme: Children of the Monkey Machine & injury - Magus (Decay of Hope)
Szabolc Peaceful Theme : Hunnia - Erdély Induló
Matthias Peaceful : Veronai táj - Children's Choir
Zsa Zsa Fight Theme : Venetian Snares - Dance Like You Are Selling Nails
Zsa Zsa Peaceful Theme : Crystal Castles - Baptism
Raven Guard Fight Theme : Hungarian Dance no. 5

Recent Logs

A Rose By Any Other Name - Matthias von Podiebrad has come to Castle Alucard with his Podiebrad brethren. But rather than wage an assault on the vampire master of the castle, he is content to look for some nice roses and tea leaves to bring back to the manor. But as he looks around an abandoned greenhouse, he stumbles upon Lady Briar Rose Blackthorne, who takes more than a passing interest in him. - Log created on 09:48:21 07/08/2021 by Jezebel, and last modified on 22:29:01 07/14/2021. Cast: Bela and Briar Rose.

Podiebrad of Passion: Hungry Like The Wolf - The Patriarch of the House of Podiebrad's easy life as a beloved nobleman has ended in the most humiliating of ways. When he knocked over a single vase while entertaining guests at the Castle Alucard, as punishment, our hero has become enslaved by the mistress of the castle. In order to work off his debt, Bela von Podiebrad is forced to act as a manservant for the cruel vampire queen. But while placed in charge with working and cleaning the Alucard's organs, the most senior of her servant has different sort of chore for our hero to complete. Will he escape from the dominating power of the head butler, and back into his previous status and standing? Or will Valkenhayn be on the hunt after him, mouth alive, with juices like wine... and Hungry Like The Wolf? (The cover shows Bela pinned against an old pipe organ. He is stripped to the waist, down to his leather pants. He is turning his head away, lips curled somewhere between a look of disgust and lust. Grabbing his wrist is a fair-looking Valkenhayn, gripping the Podiebrad's wrists with both of his hands, and neatly and cleanly in control of the smaller Podiebrad with a look of bemused detachment. Behind them, the door is opened a crack. Behind it reveals the master, Rachel Alucard, arrive back from her chores with a look of shock. At her feet, a chubby black cat and chubby red bat are peeking in too, and a black stallion is poking its nose in above her. The stallion and the bat look as shocked as their master. The cat looks rater excited.) - Log created on 14:28:15 07/06/2021 by Bela, and last modified on 16:08:43 07/09/2021. Cast: Valkenhayn and Bela.

Rosalia #17) At Hell's Gate - Rachel musing while gazing into a cup of tea: "That pompous, self-important mummer. I knew he would not be able to resist the lure. So he presumes to invite himself, does he... If it is an audience he desires, then he will have to earn his way. What better piece to place in his way than a man who has walked through hell itself? Only one will be admitted. It will amuse me to direct their hatred for my kind at each other. Though I would just as well neither tread within these halls... dispatch the Obsidian Sentinel to make difficult the way. Only its tenacity can rival the animosity of these two..." - Log created on 16:24:28 06/14/2021 by Bela, and last modified on 22:02:19 06/28/2021. Cast: Donovan and Bela.

Podiebrad of Passion: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - Studly Baron of the House of Podiebrad, Bela von Podiebrad, has been betrothed to Rachel of the House Alucard, to take her hand in marriage when she is of age. But the future Patriarch of the House of Podiebrad finds temptations around ever corner. The dark and devilish Terumi has come to the manor grounds, eager to lure the handsome Podiebrad away into a life of leisure and pleasure. But the price may be too great even for the hedonistic Bela; for the green eyed demon invites Bela to defy his vows in the way only men can do, by giving himself up willingly into a Mind Break. To make matters worse, when his brother Matthias gets wind of the affair, Bela's father sweeps in to intervene between the two. Will Bela keep his vows with his family and his honor? Or will he be seduced into committing... dirty deeds done dirt cheap? (The cover shows the interior of a stable. It shows Bela stripped to the waist in leather pants, next to the pen where his black stallion is at. Terumi himself is also stripped to the waist, though he is wearing a yellow raincoat over his muscled, naked torso. Terumi has Bela pinned against the wall of the stable, pressed against him chest to chest. One arm is extended, palm out against the wall to corner him. Tee other is clutching a strange sack underhanded, the green eye of the god gleaming. Bela struggles to stare defiantly at man, clutching the neck of a pitchfork tightly as he struggles at the raw power of the god. Behind them, from the doorway to the stable, Matthias looks in wide-eyed, pointing with one hand, and escorting with the other the young Rachel Alucard. The young lady looks in, eyes watering in despair. A fat bat and black fat peer in beside her; the bat looks equally distressed, but the cat looks on the duo with an eager hunger.) - Log created on 22:54:16 06/10/2021 by Crock, and last modified on 16:38:26 06/30/2021. Cast: Terumi and Bela.

Podiebrad Of Passions: Ring Of Defiance - The moment has come, where the wonderful dream of living at the House of Podiebrad comes to the end for Tao Tsinghua. WIth the wicked and vile Rachel Alucard demanding the attentions of the precious chinese man for her own sinful and selfish desires, the emissary of the Gong Estate realizes that there is only one way he could escape his fate of being taken away by that wretched vampire. Will Tao Tsinghua finally sacrifice all he knows and love to abandon his dreary and boring life with the Gong Estate and become one with the House of Podiebrad? Or will he be too afraid of making the change of the commitment, and ultimately refuse... the Ring of Defiance? (A great wedding has been set up in the sandy grounds of the Arena of Ravenous Delights. Standing in the aisle, Tsinghua is in the middle, dressed in the traditional Chinese wedding robe of his ancient culture. On each side of the aisle is are the two families, ready to unite in holy union. The Gong Estate on one side, the Podiebrad Family on the other aisle. Down the line, there is Zsa Zsa, dressed in a wedding gown, her face covered in a thin off-white veil. On the other? Bela von Podiebrad astride a black stallion in leather pants, and a black tuxedo top. Matthias is acting as the pastor, ready to marry Tsinghua to one of them.) - Log created on 16:26:51 05/19/2021 by Bela, and last modified on 16:18:58 05/24/2021. Cast: Bela and Tsinghua.

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