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Axl Low

Axl Low seems to be a man out of time. Just your average British man, very laidback, with a bit of a flirting streak.. Well, mostly average. Having grown up in the slums in England, he did find himself in the middle of a gang war. And was, in fact, strong enough to put an end to the conflict in six months (with no casualties to boot!) using an ancient martial arts style found nowhere in England. But otherwise just normal, and average. Well, other than the man's three clear obsessions: the 80s, the 90s, and finding out where his girlfriend Megumi is. But you can't blame him for being stuck in the past. He's just a normal British man. Honest.

Style:Saito-style Ancient Martial Arts
Signature Move:Sparrowhawk Stance -- PHYSICAL ENERGY PROJECTILE

Recent Logs

[KOF 2017] Act 3: Mission 11) Which Witch Will - Like Makai, Eadni is far darker one may consider for the servants of Raiden. And yet, she lends her support to the thunder god, respecting the divine forces and using her black magic to bind allies to his cause. She has many preparations in place for the inevitable warriors that will come to her doorstep. But does not expect the strange wanderings of Axl Low, who has come to change the future. - Log created on 18:14:21 11/13/2017 by Axl Low, and last modified on 01:47:37 12/01/2017. Cast: Eadni and Axl Low.

Distant Early Warning - Axl Low appears in London bearing a word of warning for the United Nations, but what happens when he runs into a certain behemoth of Mad Gear on the way to tell them? Well, first off lots of property damage... - Log created on 22:16:27 11/05/2017 by Axl Low, and last modified on 00:58:37 11/07/2017. Cast: Axl Low and Abigail.

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