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Game:Fatal Fury
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Axel Hawk

Axel Hawk was born in the slums of Southtown, often having to fight his way out of trouble. This lead him to pursue a career in boxing, where he achieved both fame and wealth. But eventually his sponsors left him cold, and he lost his titles. He took on Michael Max as an apprentice in an effort to reclaim his life via him, but this too ended in failure. Now, Axel Hawk turns towards drinking and attempting to advertise an excellent line of home grills. An excellent boxer, he has trained himself to ignore pain in order to land stunning counter attacks. While far from his prime, he is an a kind yet tough fighter, and is always eager to train an up and comer, as long as they pay the next round of drinks.

Signature Move:Gust Dash Upper -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:TOUGHNESS -- MOMENTUM

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