Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 118 lbs.
BloodType: AB
Nationality: British
Hometown: London, England
EyeColor: Blue
HairColor: Blonde
Wins: 3 Losses: 2 Ties: 0
Neo League Points: 2.0
Neo League Fights: 4


Full Name: Arika Fade
Game: Original Character
Faction: Independent
Team: Shooting Stars
Profile: Despite having had a few curveballs thrown at her rather early in life, Arika is no worse for it. Outwardly she presents grace and poise, wrapped up in an attractive bundle proving that she could persevere through the hardships. The accomplished singer can be warm and friendly while keeping a cool, calculating eye on the situations around her. A recent proprieter of a rundown nightclub, her vanity stops her from opening it until she makes a big enough name for herself in the fighting circuits that she can count on income from that as well as from her well-known band 'Femme Fatale'. Her fighting style is unique at best, utilizing an esoteric form called Dambe (Hausa Boxing) mashed together with an amateur wrestling hybrid that she dubs 'Punk Rock Rumble'. As a beginner fighter, her name is not well known among others, unless they're in to the whole music/Punk scene.
Style: Punk Rock Rumble
Signature Move: Femme Fatale -- PHYSICAL THROW

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Fight History

Win Neo League 351 #359: Arika vs Jesen Apr 16, 2007
Win SNF 2007.04 Heart! Shermie vs Arika/Momoko Apr 21, 2007
Loss Neo League 351 #365: Arika vs Aislinn Apr 21, 2007
Loss Neo League 351 #371: Arika vs Zangief Apr 23, 2007
Win Neo League 376 #377: Arika vs Azrael Apr 28, 2007