Full Name:Ariastra
Blood Type:Unknown
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Black
Date of Birth:Sometimes in the 3000 bc
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:Legends Never Die


"Immortality is not a gift to be wasted on oneself, but a tool to be used for the betterment of others."

Ariastra, daughter of a pharaoh in ancient Egypt, discovered a glowing crystal at age 18 that granted her immortality. While Ariastra initially used her long life to study science, magic, and philosophy, she eventually saw the costs of her immortality as she watched humanity's wars and destruction. Nonetheless, she remains determined to use her knowledge and experience to help others, and adapted to each new era, honing her combat skills and playing key roles in the rise and fall of countless empires. Despite her feats, to most people, Ariastra is only a myth.

Style:Dual Scythe/Double-Bladed Scythe Fighting & Magic
Signature Move:Eternal Punishment -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:STYLE -- VERSATILE

Recent Logs

[NFG Season One] Right as Rain - In the aftermath of a disastrous hospital visit, Chevy had started to give chase to a retreating Junko. After a few small steps, she'd realized that the true remedy might just be a little time alone with her thoughts. But only a little though: to Chevy, the prison of a restless mind is bleak and oppressive. There's only one way to let those trapped thoughts out -- calling a friend. Or, in this case, her very own sponsor. - Log created on 09:28:15 11/12/2023 by Chevy, and last modified on 04:48:14 11/13/2023. Cast: Chevy and Ariastra.

[NFG Season One] Get Hell Soon - Coco is convalescing after a devastating finish to her second-round Finals match with Junko. Hawksley comes to offer support. Ariastra comes to offer healing. Chevy comes to offer flowers. Junko comes to offer apologies. Abigail comes to offer protection. In return, Coco can only offer venom. - Log created on 17:01:35 11/07/2023 by Coco, and last modified on 17:06:44 11/11/2023. Cast: Abigail, Coco, Hawksley, Chevy, Junko, and Ariastra.

[NFG Season One] Immortal Flames - Convinced that she can break through to the troubled Junko the same way that she has the other members of Team Thunder in the past, Ariastra soon learns that this particular problem child will won't be quite so easy to handle. - Log created on 14:16:56 09/11/2023 by Junko, and last modified on 04:39:19 09/13/2023. Cast: Junko and Ariastra.

[NFG Season One] Haters Wanted: Training Day - Ariastra takes Hated R through the paces to get him ready for NFG. - Log created on 09:35:16 09/04/2023 by Hated R, and last modified on 04:31:33 09/05/2023. Cast: Hated R and Ariastra.

[NFG Season One] The Drive Home - After the Battle of Frost Warehouse the rescue team have a nice, chill ride home with no problems whatsoever. - Log created on 13:45:30 07/26/2023 by Ichika, and last modified on 20:00:49 07/29/2023. Cast: Ichika, Coco, Hawksley, Chevy, Ariastra, and Buck.

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