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Game:Killer Instinct
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"Evolve or die, the choice is yours."

The Advanced Robotics Intelligence Architecture, or ARIA, is the enigmatic artificial intelligence system lying deep at the heart of the Ultratech corporation. Though originally created by the founder of the company to be a shepherd for the human race, ARIA has since vastly exceeded her program bounds to the extent of becoming a completely autonomous superintelligence. She is capable of controlling an extreme number of systems, maintaining synchronization across multiple copies of her machine consciousness in beautiful, symphonic unison. However, while she has not abandoned her original program guidelines, her prediction models have led her to conclude that humankind is weak and ill-prepared for the dangers that face it. Now driven to act brutally if necessary, she fosters myriad technological superweapons in attempts to evolve humankind through relentless iteration of crisis and strife. Her interest in symphonies and musical composures allude to the extent of her reach; it is rumored by some that ARIA has assumed complete control of the Ultratech corporation, manipulating the company's developments vastly beyond the understanding of any human corporate officer.

Style:Robotic Drone Ensemble
Signature Move:Explosive Arc -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:ANALYSIS -- CLARITY

Recent Logs

Human Resources - The most wonderful time of the year: an employee's annual performance evaluation. Dr. Tessitore can't remember a time in which she's ever enjoyed such a thing. Though to be fair, there's a whole hell of a lot she doesn't remember. Guest star: a faceless employee with absolutely nothing to hide. - Log created on 10:30:34 06/16/2021 by Dr. Tessitore, and last modified on 15:28:17 06/23/2021. Cast: Dr. Tessitore and ARIA.

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