Full Name:Ardiyanti
Height:5'0" (153 cm)
Blood Type:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
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Game:Original Character
Theme Song:


A lifetime of fighting has left a once renowned assassin looking for a new purpose - and finding one in an unexpected source. Ardiyanti spent much of the Cold War era using her talent in Silat to deadly effect, eventually settling down to pass down her knowledge to others. But her students gradually drifted away, and she was facing her twilight years. It was during a year of soul searching that she came across the ideals of one man: Gill. Feeling a sense of purpose stir in her hardened heart, she swore fealty to her organization, now acting as a trainer and problem-solver behind the scenes. Despite her age, Ardiyanti is playful and easygoing, perhaps disarmingly so. But much like a cat toying with prey, her ruthlessness from her assassin days can suddenly surface, dismantling her opponents with brutal efficiency.

Style:Pencak Silat
Signature Move:Guntingan -- PHYSICAL THROW
Signature Ability:MANIPULATE -- SHROUD

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[SNF 2020.4] SNF - Live From Noh Theater It's Saturday Night! - Ardiyanti takes on Johnny Cage LIVE! in the Noh Theater! - Log created on 18:05:59 04/18/2020 by Johnny Cage, and last modified on 21:32:12 04/20/2020. Cast: Ardiyanti and Johnny Cage.

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