Age:18 (??)
Weight:166 lbs
Blood Type:A
Eye Color:Yellow
Hair Color:Blonde
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Okamoto Nobuhiko
Theme Song:Monster - Skillet


"I believe we need to renegotiate... The terms of this leash."

Arashi is a tall, lean young man, with an air around him reminiscent of a wild animal, and an attitude to match. He is unrestrained and audacious, and either ignorant or careless of the trappings of modern society; in many ways, he seems almost as if he were born in a freer, more primitive time. Perhaps as a result of his antiquated demeanor, he avoids the big city, sticking to the woods and mountains of the countryside. Arashi is constantly accompanied by a grey dog named Rei; although normally invisible to all but those sensitive to spirits, she occasionally appears before imperiled children to rescue them. When Arashi joins battle, however, Rei transforms into a beautiful black katana that he wields with complete ruthlessness, vacillating unpredictably between precise, brutal swordsmanship and unarmed violent savagery. The same sudden shifts in style carry over into his personality, which can swing like a pendulum between arrogance and fits of psychosis. It is difficult to discern his origins and his intentions, and this makes Arashi very dangerous indeed, to all...

Signature Move:Gatotsu Ishiki -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:RUSH -- BLITZ

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