Weight:265 lbs
Blood Type:B
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Blond
Hobbies:Watching calming program
Favorite Food:Constantly changing
Dislikes:Changes based on the surroundings
Best Sport:Only watches
OOC Data
Game:King of Fighters
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"...Shut up, executive director."

A brash Russian billionaire with a stake in a number of ventures, Antonov in recent years has turned his attention towards the organized fighting scene. He's taken interest in finding and helping promising fighters rise up, looking past matters of ideological stances, species, and sponsor preferences. No slouch in a fight himself, he might even be just looking for a good challenge out of those he finds! His fighting discipline, the Siberian Golden Fist, seems to run as much on his amazing physical might as it does sheer self-confidence. In addition to devastating strikes and earth-shattering slams, he makes use of a number of showy postures to advance upon and overwhelm his opponents while keeping a cigar firmly clenched between his teeth. Remarkably, these traits seem to pale to an overall upstanding character - he's honest, friendly, and so easily moved emotionally that he'll throw a lot of himself into good causes. This 'good guy' approach to business and philanthropy is something that alienates a lot of potential business partners, notably his own investors. It's usually up to his overworked assistant and confidant, Yakov, to keep him from going too overboard on any given venture or mere flight of fancy.

Style:Siberian Golden Fist
Signature Move:Gigantic Back Press -- PHYSICAL THROW
Signature Ability:CHARISMA -- ATTUNE

Recent Logs

[Neo League 0120] NL#0141: Bob vs Antonov - Robert "Bob" Richards reenters the Neo League with a vengeance, going straight for a challenge against the mysterious host, Antonov, in a brawl in the middle of Fremont Street. Will Bob's speed and weight catapult him to the top of the charts, or will Antonov prove exactly why so many points rest in his hands? - Log created on 21:33:32 01/20/2019 by Bob, and last modified on 10:23:04 01/28/2019. Cast: Bob and Antonov.

[Neo League 0120] NL#0123: Antonov vs G - While waiting to see if he can spot Nessie, Antonov has yet another Neo League open challenge near lake Loch Ness. The challenger this time? The strange PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD simply known as G. The two titans clash in a short, but brutal battle. - Log created on 10:12:25 10/29/2018 by Antonov, and last modified on 13:31:41 10/29/2018. Cast: Antonov and G.

[Neo League 0120] NL#0122: Menat vs Antonov - A few days removed from the fight with Urien, Antonov has decided to hold another open challenge. The location? Loch Ness. The opponent? The mysterious young woman known as Menat accepts and the two clash in a Neo League battle. - Log created on 19:14:30 10/23/2018 by Antonov, and last modified on 00:10:57 10/29/2018. Cast: Antonov and Menat.

[Neo League 0120] NL#0121: Urien vs Antonov - After a meeting that didn't go so well for Urien he now faces off with Antonov in Neo League. Titans clash and Antonov may have made a grave mistake in asking Urien not to hold back when it comes to doing battle. - Log created on 14:59:42 10/23/2018 by Antonov, and last modified on 00:04:49 10/29/2018. Cast: Urien and Antonov.

Muscles and Money - Caught up in an enthralling movie, Antonov forgot he had a very important guest visiting him. Tom Abel arrives to make Antonov an offer. One perhaps the big Russian cannot refuse. - Log created on 14:50:55 10/17/2018 by Antonov, and last modified on 17:21:55 10/17/2018. Cast: Urien and Antonov.

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