Faction:NESTS Cartel
Weight:Write it down and you will die, bitch
Blood Type:O
Eye Color:Grey
Hair Color:White
Date of Birth:March 6
Hobbies:Riding 50cc motorcycles, attending live concerts
Personal Treasures:Vintage B-3 deck coat and P-D series clothes
Favorite Food:Tequila, sliced cactus
Best Sport:Soccer
OOC Data
Game:King of Fighters
Status:Currently Played
Theme Song:


The young woman known to the world only as 'Angel' is something of an enigma. After making her debut onto the professional fighting circuit she has made various appearances at small tournaments and street fights but she never seems to stick around for long, tumbling in and out of the public eye at a whim. There has been some speculation amongst the media and her fans that she's a wanderer who roams the land on her favorite motorcycle, perhaps like the famous Ryu, but the truth is far far more sinister: Angel is, in fact, one of the world's deadliest assassins. Born in Mexico, the young girl was orphaned and starving in the streets when she was 'adopted' by NESTS, where she was raised on a healthy diet of genetic experimentation and brutal physical training. Despite this, Angel has come to view the organization as her new family and, though she doesn't care one bit about their goals, she is fanatically loyal to them; whether this is out of respect, love, or terror is anyone's guess. Outside of NESTS, Angel manages to maintain a very friendly, if exceedingly eccentric, attitude, which has given her the ability to intermingle with, and thus infiltrate, all but the most paranoid social circles with ease. These relationships tend to be completely genuine and Angel is a sincere and trustworthy friend - so long as you don't get on NESTS' radar. Beneath the beautiful face and playful demeanor, Angel possesses a rather nasty sadistic streak that comes to the fore when she is required to perform her job. Her natural skill combined with genetic augmentation grants the assassin a deadly combination of strength and speed that belies what her physical appearance might suggest. Sharing vague similarities to Muay Thai while adding in a completely oddball mix of karate, street fighting, and pro wrestling, Angel's fighting style is as bizarre as the girl herself. When asked, she describes it as 'Whatever!', as in 'Whatever comes to mind at the moment'.

Signature Move:Winds Fairground -- PHYSICAL COUNTER
Signature Ability:RESOLVE -- GROOVE

NOL Bounty Data

Class: CBounty: $40,000.00
WANTED ALIVE Known augmented human with direct ties to the NESTS Cartel. Capture and detain for debriefing and incarceration.

Recent Logs

[NFG Season One] Coco's New Groove - Feeling a little outshined by Chevy's new threads, Coco turns to her own team's mentors to seek her own glow up. Well, one mentor in particular who has some very unique ideas about fashion. Oh and the intern gets dragged along too. - Log created on 12:52:42 10/22/2023 by Angel, and last modified on 13:11:11 10/31/2023. Cast: Angel, Daisuke, and Coco.

[NFG Season One] It's A Bonus Stage Party! - With his home and place of business serving as the venue for the NFG tourney, Team Frost Sponsor, Abigail, decides to host a block party at the infamous Abigail's Scrap Metal in celebration of the end of Round One! There's beer to be drank, grilled Turkey Legs to be eaten and, most importantly, automobiles to be smashed! VROOOOOM! ... Poor Bred. - Log created on 19:08:28 09/17/2023 by Abigail, and last modified on 09:48:23 09/21/2023. Cast: Angel, Maxima, Faolan, Abigail, Djamila, Zarine, and Hashim.

[Rising Star 2021] Rising Star Interviews - Angel vs B. Jenet - In preparation for the Rising Stars tournament, Angel seeks out an interview for entry! When she arrives at a beach resort, a particular pretty pirate princess declares she's there to test her mettle. Flying fists and fanservice ensue. - Log created on 13:38:24 03/09/2021 by Bonne Jenet, and last modified on 11:52:05 03/16/2021. Cast: Bonne Jenet and Angel.

[The Black Dragon] Black Dragon R2 - Horny Devils - Things got a little heated the last time Lyraelle ventured out into Southtown but she can't say it didn't do wonders for her viewer count. But now she's riding high on some holy energy, curtesy of a strange priest, and she's feeling weirdly altruistic. Maybe while she's out here trying to grow her image she can do some good for the besieged city. Couldn't hurt to try, right? With that thought in mind, the demon queen scours the ongoing conflicts until she finds a fight that offers the perfect mix of publicity and charity - a massive minotaur in the process of tearing it's way into a building to get at the cowering citizens inside! - Log created on 20:18:34 04/07/2020 by Angel, and last modified on 04:25:32 04/09/2020. Cast: Angel and Lyraelle.

Michael encounters a random Angel - Michael is having a nice day with his dog at a cafe, and then Angel has to interrupt. - Log created on 11:09:51 05/24/2018 by Michael, and last modified on 14:38:37 05/28/2018. Cast: Angel and Michael.

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