Blood Type:
Eye Color:Currently light green
Hair Color:Current reddish orange
Hobbies:Learning more about magic.
Personal Treasures:The chance at a new life.
Likes:Freedom, Magic, Experiencing life!
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:The Witch's Daughter


"I have a second chance. The world is mine."

Ambrosia was a totally different person before, no not a different personality. Her soul was literally in a different body before, but she didn't have a good life then. She now has a second chance at life. She gets to use this body as she wishes, and gets to experience life by herself like she never has before. What's more, this body is attuned to magic, so she can use it. She loves magic, so she even uses it to fight and defend herself. She has so much to experience now. She has the love of her new mother, but there are many more things to enjoy.. If she has her way, she will have and do them all. So now, she will fight, she will learn, and she will make her way into the world, all on her own.Forging different relationships along the way. The sky's the limit, or is it?

Style:Magical Delight
Signature Move:Help Me I Am Falling 2.0 -- PHYSICAL THROW ENERGY
Signature Ability:MANIPULATE -- SHROUD

Recent Logs

Mr.Burr and Ambrosia meeting. - Ambrosia and Mr.Burr meets. Ambrosia is not sure why, but isn't worried. - Log created on 18:50:00 06/04/2022 by Ambrosia, and last modified on 21:18:26 06/04/2022. Cast: Mr.Burr and Ambrosia.

The Village at the End of the World - Chun-Li and Ambrosia cross paths as they both look to investigate the strange happenings surrounding the ruins of a secluded village-- and they aren't alone. - Log created on 16:48:41 05/10/2022 by Chun-Li, and last modified on 11:34:34 05/24/2022. Cast: Chun-Li, Ryu Hayabusa, and Ambrosia.

Return To Witch Mountain - The Old Mother summons her newest daughter to test her abilities, and task her with helping a doomsday cult. - Log created on 12:18:58 05/03/2022 by Eadni, and last modified on 11:58:35 05/04/2022. Cast: Eadni and Ambrosia.

[SNF 2021.07] MC: THE WITCHING HOUR - Ambrosia tests out her new body and combative skills against the Black Knight within a bell tower... yet will the silent armored figure's ball and chain be too much for the enterprising fighter?! - Log created on 15:09:13 07/02/2021 by Chang, and last modified on 20:50:07 07/02/2021. Cast: Ambrosia and Chang.

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