Full Name:Alisa Boskonovitch
Faction:G Corporation
Blood Type:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
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Status:Available for Apps
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Alisa is a cyborg modelled in the image of Doctor Boskonovitch's deceased (and currently cryogenically preserved) daughter. The fact that she looks and acts like a human shows an incredible ability in her creation. Kind-hearted and friendly, she is the very image of the perfect daughter that her father-creator remembers through his aging rose-colored glasses. Within her body, however, are contained a number of deadly devices and a metallic frame that make her a force to be reckoned with. Though officially a part of the G Corporation, she has no real duties within the company. Instead, Doctor Boskonovitch is trying to allow her to live the life of a teenaged girl that his real daughter never got to experience.

Style:Humanoid Cyborg Combat
Signature Move:Spam Bomb -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:RESTORE -- REGENERATE

Recent Logs

[KOF 2017] Act 2: Mission 33 - Viral Media - When the nuclear blast was unleashed into the planet, Trish felt more hate than she had ever mustered in her allegedly long life And the first place to burn will be the V-Gage at Justice High. Trish comes to infect the V-Gage systems with her personal virus, staging it to spread across the entire student body. Unfortunately for her plans, the danger of infecting the students of Justice High means a danger for Jin. And Alisa, number one robot buddy, has her prime directive: Protect Jin at any cost. - Log created on 17:57:46 10/09/2017 by Trish, and last modified on 13:27:41 10/12/2017. Cast: Alisa and Trish.

Birth of a Monster - Using the corruption around Japan from Mt. Fuji's eruption, Makai gathers demonic energy from a leyline with the intention of merging multiple ideal youkai into a more useful minion. Before completion, Alisa tracks down his strange energy signal. Conflict abounds, but in the end, the possessed sealer manages to create a new pet... - Log created on 18:44:52 10/06/2017 by Masaru, and last modified on 23:24:34 10/06/2017. Cast: Alisa and Masaru.

[Rumble In The Streets] [Rumble W1] Rust vs Alisa - Crazy Zhin thinks he can win if he can get an organized fighting match going in his shop to help draw in customers and the like. HitBit, Inc. seems keen to let him invest heavily in all the future crazy low price sales he's got lined up. Alisa Boskonovitch and one Howard Rust, Jr., the competitors in question, get wrapped up in merchandise matters of a completely different kind. Bad ideas and uncorrected misconceptions run rampant, and in the end, someone has to deposit a damages claim anyawy. - Log created on 16:49:35 01/23/2016 by Rust, and last modified on 23:57:43 01/29/2016. Cast: Rust and Alisa.

Snakes and Robots - Shira makes a new robot friend in Alisa. Through pickpocketing and getting beaten up. - Log created on 15:22:53 01/17/2016 by Shira Hebi, and last modified on 20:07:04 01/17/2016. Cast: Alisa and Shira Hebi.

[Neo League 0064] NL#0069: Cracker Jack vs Alisa - Cracker Jack faces the android Alisa in Osaka, the first public debut of a fighting android in Neo-League! ...And Cracker Jack's greatest challenge yet! [Winner: Alisa] - Log created on 16:58:15 12/06/2015 by Cracker Jack, and last modified on 06:36:45 12/17/2015. Cast: Cracker Jack and Alisa.

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