Full Name:Alice Carrol
Height:145cm (4'9")
Weight:40kg (88lbs)
Blood Type:B
Hometown:London, England
Eye Color:Violet
Hair Color:Violet
Date of Birth:November 1
Personal Treasures:An old photo of her parents
Favorite Food:Cherry Pie, Wild Turkey
Likes:Books, Old Boots
Dislikes:Rabbits, Crowds, Being Alone
Best Sport:Gymnastics
Love Interests:...
OOC Data
Game:Rage of the Dragons
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:

Alice Carrol

The daughter of an aristocratic family in London, once a promising young student, Alice's parents were brutally murdered before her very eyes when she was a mere child. Though suspects were apprehended and convicted, the girl's progressively more erratic behavior caused public speculation as to whether she were somehow responsible. Soon institutionalized, no treatments had any effect on her worsening psychological condition. At last she was discovered by Elias, who, quietly diagnosing her condition as possession by an evil spirit, arranged for her to be released into his care. Her blank eyes have witnessed horrors beyond imagining; within her heart some strange darkness slumbers. Whatever her power's true nature, it does at time take on eerie and otherworldly forms, such as grasping hands -- and however difficult she finds relating to others, she does not like being left alone.

Style:Gymnastics + Evil Powers
Signature Move:Twinkle -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:IMBUED-PSI -- NOVA

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