Full Name:Alan Reginald Bertrand
Weight:170 lbs.
Blood Type:B
Hometown:Las Vegas, Nevada
Eye Color:Pale grey
Hair Color:Yellowy Blonde
Hobbies:Public lewd behavior
Personal Treasures:Silver Chain
Favorite Food:Dodo Omelette (cajun style)
Likes:Running, himself, public lewd behavior
Dislikes:The past, money, fat chicks
Best Sport:Public lewd behavior
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Robin Atkin Downes
Theme Song:Me Me Me Me - Louis XIV


"<stream of custom-tailored insults>"

Alan R. B. (what the R and B stand for is dangerous knowledge) is something of an underworld legend. Popular media only knows him as another fighter, famous for an incredibly abrasive personality, but the river runs deeper than that. Scouted at a young age by the shadowy Illuminati, Alan is simultaneously a valued yet barely tolerated member of their ranks, his irrepressible smart mouth any higher than a top-level field agent. Characterized by a love of money and an irresistible urge to show it off coupled with an apparent complete lack of fear, the arrangement suits him just fine, as he often takes the assignments that bring him dangerously close with the supernatural in order to rake in the most hazard pay. Alan fights with rough techniques derived from his father's boxing training paired with a baffling ability to harness enormous amounts of electrical chi that flows through his body with seemingly no effort on his part.

Style:Chi-enhanced Brawling/Boxing Hybrid
Signature Move:Lightning Strikes Twice -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:IMBUED-CHI -- NOVA

Recent Logs

Chapter 2: Mercedes Has A Meeting - An attempt to schedule a MEETING with ALAN R. B. fails, with sexy results. Our heroine declares she has "MAXIMUM CLEARANCE" and swears a lot. Alan R. B. zaps her repeatedly, but this use of electricity fails to improve her personality. Next stop: Probably fighting guitar witches. - Log created on 19:56:57 11/30/2018 by Mercedes, and last modified on 03:36:28 12/01/2018. Cast: Alan and Mercedes.

It Had to Be Her - I-No furthers the time-honored game of ambush tag by attacking Alan while he's out working on Illuminati chores. Lucky for him, this encounter involves way less vicious mauling and a little more conversation than their last. Alan receives an offer that uses the magic words: Command Gear. - Log created on 20:31:39 10/18/2018 by I-No, and last modified on 09:15:54 11/07/2018. Cast: Alan and I-No.

A Sacrifice Bunt!! I Have To Wear It?! - I-No: A mysterious woman with great power and a remarkable ability to move untrackably. Only the Illuminati, with their gaze fixed on all the stars in the sky, can see her passage as a mote of darkness via the lights she obscures. Having tracked her down to the legendary AirBnB location LUXURY MODERN SUPER BOWL PARTY HOUSE,POOL,hot tub, they send one of the few agents they have capable of surviving an encounter with someone of her threat level on a fact-finding mission - as a bonus, they get to watch him get punted around an entire LMSBPH,P,ht, and he deserves it on a cosmic level. - Log created on 20:26:39 10/10/2018 by Alan, and last modified on 14:43:00 10/11/2018. Cast: Alan and I-No.

[SNF 2017.01] SNF: Alan vs Radha in 'Lisa Frankly' - You guys remember Lisa Frank, right? Those cute, colorful trapper keepers with the adorable animals on them? of course you do. Lisa Frank defined a generation, with high-quality, wholesome artwork for school supplies across the country. And what could be more wholesome than a dignified, public fight right outside their headquarters in Tucson, Arizona. The two lucky fighters? Alan R.B., the mystery wrapped in an enigma who left his last perfectly legal fight as a rising cult star. Facing off against him? The winner of the last fight Alan watched over, the artistic genius Radha Mistry. And what better form of art is there than the high quality corporate productions of Lisa Frank? - Log created on 18:43:38 02/04/2017 by Alan, and last modified on 12:05:16 02/14/2017. Cast: Alan and Radha.

[SNF 2017.01] SNF: Bright Lights, Big City - Ah. The sounds of the cities. The sights. The verbal, physical, and other kinds of assault on the senses. Country girls need not apply for big city living. A far cry from a more serene life, two ladies will be breaking it down. Both Seori and Radha will duke it out in Downtown Southtown, right in the heart of a traffic jam. That's Alan's job, as the chaos agent of this match. Alan will be entrusted in making a nice, high-quality traffic jam right here in the heart of the city. It's up to you Alan. Make a nice, loud accident right out in the open for Seori's and Radh's sake, and I'll make sure you'll have a nice bottle of sake. Oh, and also punch them and make chaos. Punching and causing traffic accidents. You got a heck of a weekend Alan. - Log created on 19:35:00 01/16/2017 by Seori, and last modified on 11:52:06 01/24/2017. Cast: Alan, Radha, and Seori.

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