Full Name:Akiko Hayashi
Faction:Taiyo High
Height:153cm (5'0)
Blood Type:A
Eye Color:Green
Hair Color:
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:


Akiko Hayashi is both a failure to her family and a growing success story. The daughter of a multi-generational fighting family, Akiko wished to follow in their footsteps, and was groomed to do just that - but was completely unable to draw upon the chi of her bloodline, and was thus judged unsuitable as heir. Instead of giving up her dream of becoming a champion fighter, Akiko began training in a completely different style, pushing herself extremely hard to succeed. A serious, no-nonsense student at Taiyo, Akiko tends to come off as quiet and a little withdrawn, though she's not impossible to get talking. What she does have is iron willpower and immense dedication, both to her chosen style and to her few close friends. Unable to use her family style, Akiko is currently training in Dosekiryuu Shindoukan, the Avalanche Impact School, an unusual hard-hitting style focusing on difficult-to-stop force and powerful slams - something she seems completely unsuited for, as Akiko is much smaller than many of the larger wrestlers. Her apparent handicap hasn't given her any real problems, however.

Style:Dosekiryuu Shindoukan
Signature Move:Keigan Sairakugeki -- PHYSICAL THROW
Signature Ability:SMASH -- DAZE

Recent Logs

[SNF 2017.01] SNF: Akiko vs Munin IN Pillow Fight! - You know what is better than being lowered into a pit of insects? Pillow fighting, of course! And thanks to our personal contacts, we are ensuring that we have a nice, safe pillow fight. Not with actual pillows, mind you. Like, there will be fighting, but not with pillows. We have a ship right off the coast of a secret island, and we have graciously allowed two fighters to duke it out around two big piles of pillows on the beach. The lucky fighters? We'll have Munin, and Akiko fight, and that's not too violent! That's not too brutal! Pillows. Pillows! All filmed with the respect and dignity of both mercenary and the wielder of the Dosekiryuu Shindoukan style! - Log created on 18:43:44 02/02/2017 by Akiko, and last modified on 15:13:24 02/08/2017. Cast: Munin and Akiko.

[SNF 2016.12] SNF: T'was The Night Before Christmas - T'was the Night before Christmas, And all through the Inn, Not a PC was stirring, Not even Aaron, Akiko and Aaron were ready for battle, With fist and arrow, to test their mettle. Akiko was a monk, with fists and fury, Everyone knows punches is how you make merry! Avalanche Impact School is the name of her art, And from such a small girl, she'll give you a start. Aaron is an Ranger, with arrow and bow, He's a boy scout, as you probably know. The fight will take place, at a place that will rhyme. With gifts and presents coming just in time! - Log created on 15:56:48 12/31/2016 by Akiko, and last modified on 20:13:11 01/10/2017. Cast: Aaron and Akiko.

[SNF 2016.08] PFW'S * TANK * COMMAND - MAIN EVENT - RUST and AKIKO driving the BE-0X GHOST vs HITOMI and MINT driving the AM-21 ASSERTER - Now entering the BATTLEZONE! Get a first hand glimpse if ninjas and karatekas can drive as the mysterious BE-0X GHOST and the dominating AM-21 ASSERTER take the field for PFW's main event. Radio channels are completely open and soldiers are on standby to laugh at your every driving mishap! But wear your hardhat, because the steel is about to start flying! In an explosive second, we're going to find out who gets to be the LORDS OF THE TANK!! - Log created on 20:19:16 08/21/2016 by Mint, and last modified on 09:13:06 09/02/2016. Cast: Rust, Hitomi, Mint, and Akiko.

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