Full Name:Akanksha Janah
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Game:Original Character
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"This is an age of suffering, where all the good has evil, where our dharma is not so easy to find."

Born to a mysterious untreatable condition, Akanksha has known uncompromising pain all her life. If many of the doctors she saw throughout her youth still have anything to say, a pain without source or rhyme or reason. And yet, she suffered. Taking matters into her own hands, Akanksha spent many years following the threads of her dark family history between gangs, cults, cult-gangs, and all sorts of other strange underworld groups, both supernatural and not. There she found...very little. Little besides disturbing stories of demons and black magic, an ancient diary or two. About the only useful thing she got out of it all was the truth of an anguish-curse, chains of suffering binding her and a long line of mysterious ancestors to a terrible fate. Now, with a potential lead somewhere in the fighting circuits and a magical martial style reconstructed from an all but totally forgotten cursed family legacy, Akanksha continues to pursue the mystery which vies with the daily cycles of pain and suffering she must endure to consume her life. So far, unshakable determination, street-wisdom, and a good dash of luck have seen her through. But as her path becomes ever more dangerous, it remains to be seen how much longer they will continue to do so.

Style:Engine of Eternal Suffering
Signature Move:Algetic Channel -- ENERGY PROJECTILE
Signature Ability:BURST -- INFUSE

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