Full Name:Ace Vallincourt
Blood Type:AB+
Nationality:Canadian (Quebecois)
Eye Color:Green
Hair Color:Blond
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:


Ace Vallincourt is a name that's been known for well over a decade, but in two entirely different circles. French Canadian by birth, as a young child he was a chess prodigy, known for being thoughtful and adaptive in his tactics and play style. Though one day, for a reason that's never been fully explained he gave up his life on the chess circuit and took up martial arts. He diligently studies the art of Savate, applying his own tactical mindset to its application. He's spent years travelling and attempting to perfect his own personal brand of the style, adding from disparate elements of different martial arts he's picked up in his journeys. His name has become known among fighters, though not as a champion. He's known as an ambitious student, an earnest teacher, and most of all as a shrewd tactician. He's finally appeared on the world stage, ready to pit himself against some of the best the world has to offer. And win or lose, he always walks away from a fight smiling. For him, it's not the loss or the victory that matters, it's the experience.

Signature Move:Astuce du Cavalier -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:CONTROL -- COMMAND

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