Full Name:Abigail
Faction:Mad Gear Gang
Height:270 cm
Weight:350 kg
Blood Type:AB
Eye Color:Grey
Hair Color:Black. No, Red!
Date of Birth:October 16th
Hobbies:Car Modding, Automotive Repair, Designing Super Weapons, Modding Military Equipment, Weightlifting, Quiz Taking, Gaining Weight, Making Bad Car Noises
Likes:Death Metal, Huge Cars, Monster Trucks, Bananas, Mechanics, Engineering, Competitive Quiz Taking
Dislikes:Rust, Making fun of his name, Being underestimated, That Psycho Mumbo Jumbo
Best Sport:Strongman Competition
OOC Data
Game:Street Fighter
Status:Available for Apps
Voice Actor:Xander Mobus
Theme Song:(Link)


"Push it to the REDLINE!!!"

The superhuman hot-rodder Abigail, possesses size that shocks other giants and dwarfs even the Andores. Perhaps the biggest man alive, he is even said to still be growing larger. Single minded to a fault, Abigail's obsessive love for hot rods, modding, trucks and all things car related, is perhaps even more bizarre then his inhuman size and can cause him to seem to be short a few lugnuts. Few would dare call him out on this as his brute strength is as monstrous as his size suggests, He eschews standard martial arts in favor of his own invented mixture of striking and grappling techniques, so strong as to be capable of hurtling foes away with a mere flick of his fingers, throwing even the largest opponents sky high and then slamming them with palms capable of crushing cars between them. Though a former Mad Gear chief that was placed charge of the Bay Area, these days Abigail's affiliation is limited due to his personal pursuits. Despite this, he still spoils for the occasional fight in between his work, and is all too willing to prove his strength and test the horse power of opponents against his own.

Style:Brute Force
Signature Move:Abigail Special -- PHYSICAL THROW
Signature Ability:TOUGHNESS -- MOMENTUM

Recent Logs

[NFG Season One] It's An NFG Holiday Party, Charlie Brown! - An amazing festive celebration of the end of NFG, involving the biggest and the most bombastic of holiday cheer! Who could possibly show up?! What guests will the spirit of the season bring?! - Log created on 16:10:39 12/24/2023 by Kongou, and last modified on 17:38:17 01/06/2024. Cast: Vega, Mint, Abigail, Kongou, Daisuke, Kenzo, Hawksley, Djamila, Chevy, Junko, Sarah, Braun, and Buck.

[NFG Season One Finals] Charity Bonus Match: Chevy vs Brian Storm - With one of the competitors disqualified from the third place match due to demonic apotheosis, Professional Fighting Worldwide has decided to substitute another opponent to face Chevy in a charity exhibition match. And who better to take on the former hog wrestler than the biggest ham in the New Fighting Generation? - Log created on 08:40:19 12/12/2023 by Brian Storm, and last modified on 03:32:27 12/18/2023. Cast: Lucky Chloe, Abigail, Brian Storm, and Chevy.

Notice of Resignation - After Juri's departure and headline-hitting act of violence, Daisuke has come to turn in his resignation as Team Frost's intern with the intent to go chase after after her. Abigail, however, has some other ideas. - Log created on 15:05:09 12/02/2023 by Daisuke, and last modified on 22:03:55 12/02/2023. Cast: Abigail and Daisuke.

[NFG Season One] Mad Gear Rising - Operation: Get Well Coco did not go well, nor did it achieve its intended objective. But, some good did come of it, as a tactical counterstrike from Team Frost's largest operative began with a coded message conveyed to Chevelle Beaumont's private communicator. The message was clear: Come to the scrap metal yard. And come alone. - Log created on 18:31:25 11/12/2023 by Chevy, and last modified on 10:00:36 11/15/2023. Cast: Abigail and Chevy.

[NFG Season One] Get Hell Soon - Coco is convalescing after a devastating finish to her second-round Finals match with Junko. Hawksley comes to offer support. Ariastra comes to offer healing. Chevy comes to offer flowers. Junko comes to offer apologies. Abigail comes to offer protection. In return, Coco can only offer venom. - Log created on 17:01:35 11/07/2023 by Coco, and last modified on 17:06:44 11/11/2023. Cast: Abigail, Coco, Hawksley, Chevy, Junko, and Ariastra.

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