Height:174 cm (5'8)
Weight:34 kg (74 pounds)
Blood Type:Mysterious liquid containing mercury
Hometown:Frasco Manor
Eye Color:Pale Green
Hair Color:Red
Personal Treasures:...Paracelsus?
Likes:Paracelsus, anything key-shaped
Dislikes:People who waste things, rivals in love, people who don't care about their friends
Love Interests:Paracelsus
OOC Data
Game:Guilty Gear
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:(link)


"My name is A.B.A... This is my husband, Paracelsus."

A.B.A was more created than born. An artificial life form created by a mad scientist and alchemist, the man who created her was taken away from his mountain home, Franco, before her activation. When she awoke, she was alone, and did not know what to do. With no knowledge of the outside world, A.B.A remained in Franco for ten years, beginning to collect keys to represent her future escape from imprisonment. Eventually, she left, and found the artifact Flament Nagel, a living demonic axe who she calls Paracelsus after her vanished creator; she refers to as her only friend and partner. A.B.A left Franco, rarely to return, in search of a way to give 'Paracelsus' a body of his own. Shy and subdued, A.B.A is still largely unfamiliar with dealing with other people due to having lived by herself for ten years. Inquisitive and curious, A.B.A is easily led by Flament Nagel into trouble. For his part, Flament Nagel is largely silent... until he tastes blood.

Style:Demonic Axe Partnership
Signature Move:Ketsugou -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:MINDSET -- SHIFT

Recent Logs

[SNF 2018.11] SNF: It's Just Lunch (Of The Damned) - Velvet Blue meets ABA in the Russian Tea Room in New York City for a decidedly creepy SNF! - Log created on 19:33:33 11/10/2018 by Velvet Blue, and last modified on 14:58:58 11/19/2018. Cast: Velvet Blue and ABA.

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