YFC4 - Week One: An Open Heart - Long ago, Alma Towazu swore everlasting enmity against Kain R. Heinlein, holding him responsible for the downfall of his closest friend, Jiro Kasagi, into a darkness from which he harrowingly emerged. But Jiro is gone now, comatose perhaps forever, and old grudges -- even ones so sincerely born of love and loyalty -- seem petty in the face of the destruction in which all of Southtown's inhabitants shared. With Kain having joined the YFC4's efforts to revitalize Southtown, the Radiant Angel sees this as an opportunity to let bygones be bygones and take the first step toward a unified coalition of powers to save this city. But while words are worthy, Alma has never forgotten Heinlein's strength, and to know the man's heart he feels compelled to one more duel: a nail-biter in which Kain demonstrates his incredible ability and Alma proves, as ever, that pure passion can even the difference. (Winner: Kain) - created on 19:40:38 12/13/2009 by Alma and last modified on 16:52:23 12/16/2009. Cast: Alma and Kain.

YFC4 - Week One: Wisdom - [OOC] Pegasus Ichiro says, "You mess with the bull you get the exploding crotch of ZEUS." - created on 22:08:14 12/14/2009 by Tran and last modified on 02:20:15 01/03/2010. Cast: MayLee, Tran, Ichiro, Zach, and Statue of ZEUS.

YFC4 - Week Two: Fortitude - Hayato and Adelheid square off, while coming under fire from an unrelenting, incredibly dense barrage. Also, there is a turret firing. (Winner: Adelheid) - created on 19:44:26 12/17/2009 by Adelheid and last modified on 12:05:03 01/21/2010. Cast: Adelheid, Hayato, Turret, and M.Bison.

YFC4 - Week One: Temperance - A YFC4 match between Haggar and Sakura spins wildly out of control once Cody, all twisty on Glow, crashes the party. Does Mayor Mike Haggar manage to keep his cool and avert loads of collateral damage? ----- No. (Winner: Haggar, technically) - created on 01:04:05 12/22/2009 by Haggar and last modified on 18:24:54 12/28/2009. Cast: Sakura, Haggar, and Cody.

YFC4 - Week Two: Discipline - Hayato is set to beat the addiction out of Cody with Mizuki on hand to keep him alive long enough to do so... at least, until an agent of R steps in to interrupt the Burning Phys. Ed. Teacher's lessons. - created on 17:49:58 01/10/2010 by Vice and last modified on 12:05:40 01/21/2010. Cast: Vice, Mizuki, Cody, and Hayato.

YFC4 - Week Two: Wrath - Haggar bursts into Alma's office ready to yell and fume over Cody's surprise involvement... /but then it was Adon./ An office goes surprisingly undestroyed, knees go flying, and we learn one of Haggar's most potent secrets. (Winner: Haggar) - created on 19:46:51 01/12/2010 by Haggar and last modified on 12:06:29 01/21/2010. Cast: Haggar and Adon.

YFC4 - Week Three: Exhibition - Billy vs Alma/Zach - Billy Kane is back! Celebrating his return to the fighting scene is a charity match under the auspices of the YFC4, in which the Radiant Angel Alma Towazu and his too-loyal-for-his-own-good cohort Zach Glen must earn the staff master's money by-- surviving. A taunting condition, to be sure, but one well deserved, as Billy tears through the fighters in succession. Just over a minute of outrageous action earns the YFC4 $70,000 dollars-- and Towazu a serious hospital stay. What can we say? That's what you get when you face the Pimp Kane. (Winner: Billy) - created on 21:45:52 01/20/2010 by Alma and last modified on 12:07:06 01/21/2010. Cast: Alma, Billy, and Zach.

YFC4 - Week Three: The Mandate of Heaven - Two men that would change the world; two heavens, irreconcilable, that would shine over us; two warriors that would be king. The Radiant Angel, relentlessly pursuing the faintest of leads, has chased a shadow to the hellish light that cast it, seeking his rival savior: the Genius of the Ryouhara. More than any despot or god-king, these two, with the strength of their ideals, strive toward opposite and messianic ends. Seeing in his nemesis a reflection of himself, Alma Towazu cannot forgive his existence, and strives onward-- to face himself, in the mirrored mask of a terrible adversary and her shining White Blade, amidst the bowels of an inferno. Yet what awaits him is a power beyond his imagining, and the beginning of something that even this champion cannot yet comprehend. Hero of Taizhou, what is the Zero Law of Heaven-- and with what Law will you supercede it? (Winner: Alma) - created on 16:01:26 01/24/2010 by Alma and last modified on 02:03:18 01/25/2010. Cast: Alma and Rako.

YFC4 - Week Four: Treasuring Life - Hayato and Isamu team up to fight Haggar and (despite the communication barrier) Raoghnailt at the Shao Jiao Nightclub in Taizhou. And a mighty fight it is. Heavy blows, teamwork, self sacrifice... and with the rule that the fight ends as soon as one fighter drops, it comes down to a clash of will to see just who can stay standing after the most punishment. (Winners: Haggar and Raoghnailt) - created on 18:20:13 01/24/2010 by Hayato and last modified on 22:50:22 02/06/2010. Cast: Haggar, Hayato, Isamu, and Raoghnailt.

YFC4 - Week Four: Sorrow - The only inevitability in life is that if a choice is made, consequences arise. Sometimes people choose... and sometimes they're the harbingers of consequence instead. Two warriors stand between the light and the dark, where one can step toward the twilight, or toward the dawn. When Hell's messengers themselves arrive to bring effect back to cause, in what direction will they step? What, ultimately, is worth protecting? - created on 20:53:21 01/28/2010 by Frei and last modified on 22:51:01 02/06/2010. Cast: Frei, Adelheid, Vice, and Mature.

YFC4 - Week Three: Heritage - Dr. Sputnik, perhaps Southtown's most powerful wizard, attempts to help Cody with his horrible addiction to penis, when Dr. Tran bursts onto the scene, determined to bring his old nemesis down at last. Then things get weird. - created on 18:35:28 02/02/2010 by Tran and last modified on 22:51:30 02/06/2010. Cast: Tran and Cody.

YFC4 - Final Battle: Champion of Virtue - The day to decide it all has arrived: one final battle will determine who, with the eyes of all Southtown watching, is worthy of the title 'Champion of Virtue'. Many have striven to revitalize this city, and among them are those who stand atop the gleaming arena that has been erected above the ruins of Geese Tower; thus is it the virtue of unrelenting willpower -- of unconditional defiance in the face of senseless destruction and despair, of a spirit that fights on even when all is lost -- that both defines this resurrected metropolis and its tourney's contenders: Heroine of Korea May Lee and Burning Teacher Hayato Nekketsu. But the tournament organizer and now Chaos Agent Alma Towazu should have known: virtue is meaningless without an adversary-- or two. (Winner and Champion: Hayato) - created on 14:45:48 02/14/2010 by Alma and last modified on 00:41:14 02/15/2010. Cast: MayLee, Alma, Tran, Vega, and Hayato.

YFC4 - Epilogue - Tran vs Adon vs Alma - Everybody knows that Alma and Tran are Best Friends Forever, but can an Emperor of Muay Thai ever-replete with festering resentments tear them apart? Perhaps literally, with a firetruck. Will Adon avenge his previous humiliations? Will Alma overcome an unspeakable fashion tragedy [no spoilers] to finally figure out how to use psychic powers while incredibly drunk? Is Tran, in fact, invincible? /Did Sparky the Dalmatian survive the crash?/ There's only one way to find out: an epiclogue. - created on 19:57:51 02/16/2010 by Alma and last modified on 22:58:40 02/21/2010. Cast: Alma, Tran, and Adon.

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