WNB 2007

Jan 31 - Fish monster?! - The triumphant return of WNB featuring a match pitting Sean vs Heavy D with a fish monster as the special guest. WHO WILL WIN!? (Winner: Heavy D!) - created on 18:34:45 01/31/2007 by Duck and last modified on 06:13:18 02/02/2007.

Feb 7 - Mercenary Mayhem! - An UNDISCLOSED LOCATION is the scene for this heartwarming ABC Afternoon Special. ..Er, Wednesday Night Breakdown. Ralf fights Robert... but can Rolento and Leona play too? - created on 19:40:36 02/07/2007 by Rolento and last modified on 01:22:39 02/24/2007.

Feb 14 - Valentine's Day! - A Valentine's Day event that brings four people to battle one another in a fight to show the meaning of true love. Yeah, balls on that. Vega shows up to rain on the parade of everyone and Vega managed to leave a nice trail of bodies by the end of this FFA turned slaughter. Yet in the end, one person stands. (Winner despite denial ICLY:Ingrid) - created on 19:04:44 02/14/2007 by Duck and last modified on 21:29:04 02/23/2007.

Feb 21 - Ralf Ball - A gimmick match that turns a bit sour when Cody and Haggar don't have quite the reunion that people might expect. In the end the match ends up being a fight between Mayor McLargeHuge and Ralf after Cody is carted off by some prison guards for some pie.(Draw between Haggar and Ralf) - created on 18:35:25 02/21/2007 by Duck and last modified on 22:00:32 02/23/2007.

Feb 28 (A) - Alan vs Dr. Tran - Simply one of the most epic battles ever to be had. You must read to believe. (Winner: Tran) - created on 18:26:29 02/28/2007 by Duck and last modified on 11:48:35 03/03/2007.

Feb 28 (B) - Two On One - Take one Billy Kane, add two wrestlers and mix them in a warehouse full of foreign objects to get....(Winner: Haggar and Rylee) - created on 18:37:42 02/28/2007 by Rylee and last modified on 11:50:30 03/03/2007.

Feb 28 (C) - Pao Pao Rrrumble! - Iori fights Elisabeth and Hinako at the Pao Pao Cafe for the WNB during Kid's Day. Iori is just annoyed enough to try and literally tear Elisabeth and Hinako to pieces, but they prove themselves to be just a bit more tenacious than he anticipates. (Winners: Elisabeth and Hinako) - created on 18:55:48 02/28/2007 by Iori and last modified on 05:48:38 03/07/2007.

Feb 28 (D) - Luise vs Heavy D! - Two people with very different variations on "float like a butterfly" fight on a spinning platform high above Sound Beach's chilly waters. Although Luise makes a strong early showing, D! earns a name for himself as the comeback kid in this exciting match. (Winner: Heavy D!) - created on 21:17:36 02/28/2007 by Luise and last modified on 05:50:06 03/07/2007.

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