Wheel of Madness

Alma/Kanji vs Mickey/Nassir - The first Wheel of Madness match pits teenage psychic heartthrob Alma Towazu against the Tragic Pugilist Mickey Rogers, with Kanji and Nassir as their respective strikers. The fight starts out quite flashily for Team Buddhists, with Alma and Kanji showing good teamwork, but then, with much timely assistance from his striker, Mickey pulls off, like, the biggest comeback ever. Savage! (Draw Match) - created on 11:34:51 08/02/2005 by Alma and last modified on 18:13:28 12/06/2005.

Main Event: Vega vs Terry - The Wheel of Madness main event pitting that guy with the big chin against the pizza boy. Oh, and a red head gets involved and a playground gets wrecked. Fun times had by all. (Winner: Vega) - created on 15:48:49 08/02/2005 by Duck and last modified on 11:52:38 08/03/2005.

Katana and Ibuki vs Haggar - A Mayor, a samurai and a ninja walk into warehouse full of ladders. HILARITY ENSUES! This Wheel of Madness match was full of all sorts of surprises that ends with all three fighters being taken out. (Draw Match) - created on 20:34:51 08/02/2005 by Duck and last modified on 12:04:02 08/03/2005.

Shingo/Shinobu vs Cammy - Shingo teams up with his 'student' Shinobu team against the Zero Doll. (Winners: Shingo and Shinobu) - created on 17:39:55 08/04/2005 by Shingo and last modified on 20:58:21 08/04/2005.

Bao vs Heavy D! - Balls of Fury match with Johnny manning the cannon in this Wheel of Madness PPV match that pits HeavyD against Bao. After much brawling the kid ends up being a handful and both fighters end up knocking each other out. (Draw Match) - created on 12:56:27 08/07/2005 by Duck and last modified on 15:14:25 08/07/2005.

Disco Ball Blast - It's 70's night at The Duck Pond, and Mr. Big takes on Tiffany and Vanessa in one of Duck King's PPV matches, while Eagle runs interference by swinging a giant disco ball back and forth through the fight. It appears that the ladies are a bit too much for Big to handle, however. (Winners: Tiffany and Vanessa) - created on 19:20:00 08/08/2005 by Eagle and last modified on 13:28:23 08/09/2005.

Ralf vs Xiangfei vs Cody - Three people, chocolate pudding, and Bill Cosby. This may possibly have turned into the most insane of all the fights during PPV Madness. Who will win? The Convict? The Radical Warrior Li? Or Bill Cosby? PROTIP: (Winner: Xiangfei) - created on 16:39:37 08/10/2005 by Duck and last modified on 08:52:43 08/11/2005.

Summary - [OOC] Summary of the news posts regarding the Wheel of Madness! - created on 07:08:53 11/01/2005 by Kobun and last modified on 07:11:10 11/01/2005.

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