Trial of the Dragon

TotD Round 1: Zach vs Frei - The Voice of the Earth clashes with the Voice of Humanity as Frei Tsukitomi-Renard and Zach Glen clash in Sunshine City in the first round of the Tournament of the Dragons. (Draw Match) - created on 14:38:15 06/09/2012 by Zach and last modified on 09:23:11 06/11/2012. Cast: Frei and Zach.

TotD Round 1: Raiden vs Jezebel - Down at the Drive-In Theater, wrestling giant Raiden faces off against the flamboyent cowgirl Lightning Spangles, known off the stage as Jezebel. With the audience parked before the big screen, who will win? The massive masked man formerly known as Big Bear? Or the washed up actress formerly known as Jezebel? (Spoiler: Jezebel Wins) - created on 19:58:30 06/10/2012 by Jezebel and last modified on 22:52:33 06/10/2012. Cast: Jezebel and Raiden.

TotD Round 1: Hyo vs Hayate vs Dudley - In the first round of the Trial of the Dragon, three fierce spirits converge as Hyo, Dudley, and Hayato take on one another for charity, and their own personal purposes. In this event, three surprisingly kindred spirits find those purposes crossed, and politely let blood and sweat to decide who will advance. (Winner: Dudley) - created on 20:07:10 06/11/2012 by Hyo and last modified on 09:06:11 06/18/2012. Cast: Hyo, Hayato, and Dudley.

TotD Round 1: Aranha vs Andy - In the first round of the Trial of the Dragon tournament, Andy comes fresh from the forests to face off against Aranha. In a furious twist of fate, the esteemed Bogard brother falls to Aranha's trickery! (Technically, it's a draw, but whatever!) - created on 20:21:34 06/11/2012 by Andy and last modified on 22:50:17 06/12/2012. Cast: Andy and Aranha.

TotD Round 1: Athena vs Sakura - The Sunshine City High School hosts the match between two fighting school girls, each with a fair amount of support in the audience to boot. Both fighters are pushed to their limits to see the match through, but their mutual goals with the city might have ramifications for the future. ( Winner: Athena ) - created on 22:39:22 06/14/2012 by Athena and last modified on 09:13:38 06/18/2012. Cast: Athena, Ryu, Sakura, Zaki, and Kensou.

TotD Round 1: Rick vs Kensou vs Vyle - The Trial of the Dragon continues as Proud Punchy Warrior Rick Strowd, Vicious, Virulent Grappler Vyle, and Athena's Biggest Fan Kensou trade barbs about musical taste amidst trying to smash each other in the face. The results are cacophonic. (Winner: Rick) - created on 19:01:45 06/15/2012 by Vyle and last modified on 09:20:20 06/18/2012. Cast: Vyle, Rick, and Kensou.

TotD Round 1: Whip vs Sonozaki - The enigmatic, open paradox of the Ikari, Whip, vs. the relative unknown 'tough girl' from Gedo, Setsuna Sonozaki. In this, their first meeting, impressions are formed--not only of each other, but in the mat. Ultimately, however, there can be only one. (Winner: Whip) - created on 20:14:07 06/18/2012 by Sonozaki and last modified on 22:24:30 06/19/2012. Cast: Sonozaki and Whip.

TotD Round 1: K' vs Hotaru - Matched up against each other out of the gate, two teens who joined the tournament and travelled to the big city clash in a maelstrom of fire and blood to pursue their dreams. With unrelenting fervour and plenty to prove, a tale of violence and vigilance ends with two stubborn souls crumpled in a ditch in this chilling PSA. (Winner: K') - created on 23:25:33 06/19/2012 by K' and last modified on 11:16:32 06/23/2012. Cast: Hotaru, K', and Whip.

TotD Round 2: K' vs Dudley - Dudley finds that every participant in the Dragon tourney is as polite and formidable* as his first round opponents. (*Note only one of these things may be true.) Nonetheless, the boxer goes on to put up an alarmingly impressive show as he clashes with renegade bioweapon K'. (Winner: K') - created on 16:36:35 06/25/2012 by K' and last modified on 20:15:14 07/06/2012. Cast: K' and Dudley.

TotD Round 2: Aranha vs Rick - Test of the Dragon brings together Rick Strowd and Aranha for a fight at Dragon Arena to decide who gets to move on. Aranha gets off to a fast start but Rick manages to make up ground in a brutal battle of foot versus fist. (Winner: Aranha) - created on 18:50:30 06/26/2012 by Aranha and last modified on 09:15:03 06/28/2012. Cast: Aranha and Rick.

TotD Round 2: Frei vs Jezebel - As the Trial of the Dragon tournament rolls on, the All-American Girl takes on probably the least Japanese-seeming Japanese citizen in a clash of cultures and combat. Also, the special effects budget for the rest of the tournament is now used up. (Winner: Frei) - created on 19:05:46 06/28/2012 by Frei and last modified on 09:48:54 07/05/2012. Cast: Frei and Jezebel.

TotD Semi-Finals: K' vs Frei - As the Trial of the Dragon charity tournament nears its end, one weary optimist and one wary cynic meet in battle and compare notes. (Winner: K') - created on 20:38:51 07/03/2012 by Frei and last modified on 20:16:51 07/06/2012. Cast: Frei and K'.

TotD Semi-Finals: Athena vs Aranha - The Noise Factory plays host to an intense, short fight between two rhythmic fighters. At first it seems the Psycho Soldier's psionic assaults are going to completely overpower the agile Capoeira user, but Aranha refuses to fall without dishing out some solid damage of his own. (Winner: Athena) - created on 21:46:52 07/03/2012 by Athena and last modified on 09:48:08 07/05/2012. Cast: Athena and Aranha.

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