Southtown Syndicate

New Ventures - Geese and Yamazaki meet in a swank villa on the Metro shoreline. They discuss life, relationships, and Ryuuji's five year plan. - created on 23:24:35 03/31/2011 by Geese and last modified on 12:10:13 04/01/2011. Cast: Yamazaki and Geese.

Investing in Bonds - A lawyer bails Amy out of Metro PD's custody with promises of training and rehabilitation, but the mountaintop manor where she's taken doesn't look open for business, just yet. Attaining her freedom proves not to be victory.. but only prologue. - created on 02:09:12 04/06/2011 by Geese and last modified on 21:19:14 04/08/2011. Cast: Geese and Amy.

Master of Metro - As the world fights to right itself after Vega's rampant slaughter, Geese Howard visits Metro City to inspect plans to expand the Syndicate's longstanding operations in the city. More muscle is promised - and delivered - to help Duke secure his ambitions. - created on 00:28:19 05/10/2012 by Geese and last modified on 18:36:04 05/10/2012. Cast: Duke, Geese, and Raiden.

Investing in Futures - With wounds thoroughly licked and Metro under their sway, the Syndicate can begin to turn its gaze outward once more. Plans of her own prompt stunning media princess Bethany Cale to send for Geese's most trusted bodyguard and confidante, the one and only Billy Kane. Schemes are set in place, and a beautiful story is ready to be told... is the world ready for what's to come? - created on 12:23:24 05/10/2012 by Billy and last modified on 18:27:51 05/10/2012. Cast: Billy and Bethany.

Into the Devil's Den - Following his 'successful' deal with the evasive Ms. White, Billy Kane stops by to pay his 'regards' to the Don of Metro City. Aggression comes in many forms, and there's very little passive about the attitude these two men present to one another. But on such promise of violence, a brighter future may just be built... if only because of the fire and flame burning the sky. - created on 15:41:22 05/24/2012 by Billy and last modified on 08:59:37 05/28/2012. Cast: Duke and Billy.

House Advantage - Geese Howard arrives to survey the reconstruction of the Capital 7, overseen by the newly promoted Li Xiao Wen. They discuss their philanthropy and the betterment of Metro City, of course. - created on 21:16:11 05/25/2012 by Geese and last modified on 01:09:37 05/26/2012. Cast: Geese and Li.

Building Relationships - After meeting with Geese Howard, Li Xiao Wen invites another Syndicate affiliate, Bethany Cale, to the casino to discuss business--and to work out, a little, in the interest of learning more about each other's capabilities. - created on 11:28:22 05/27/2012 by Li and last modified on 09:52:10 05/28/2012. Cast: Li and Bethany.

Chinese Ghost Story - The Capital 7 is almost ready. Only one thing remains to be started--the underground Arena that will serve a very special purpose. But first, the original occupant of that arena must be confronted.. and dealt with. - created on 10:15:36 05/30/2012 by Li and last modified on 09:56:43 05/31/2012. Cast: Billy and Li.

Tyrants in the Dark - Geese takes steps to assure his ability to counteract rivals and hold old territory, bringing the veteran mercenary Rolento Schugerg into the fold in a most unanticipated way. Is it true what they say about Might Club in Venice? Is Mr. Howard building an army? - created on 20:25:57 05/31/2012 by Geese and last modified on 01:00:26 06/01/2012. Cast: Geese and Rolento.

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