SNF 2007.04

April 2007 Summary! - [OOC] Here is a collection of the SNF posts for April 2007. - created on 10:34:57 03/03/2007 by Kobun and last modified on 02:41:34 06/09/2007.

Teen Rebellion! Rock vs Geese - Rock Howard gets his chance to show his hated father just how far he's come. ... now if he could just HIT him. (Winner: Geese) - created on 20:45:55 04/02/2007 by Geese and last modified on 06:31:08 08/28/2007. Cast: Rock and Geese.

Rose vs Rolento vs Dudley - Premise: Stranded! Location: Drifting Freighter with one lifeboat filled with money! (Winner: Rose) - created on 18:05:53 04/07/2007 by Dudley and last modified on 15:54:11 04/22/2007. Cast: Rose, Dudley, and Rolento.

Style! Balrog/Kain vs Ryo/Ryu - Premise: Clash of Styles! Location: Decomissioned Battleship, English Channel! (Winners: Kain and Balrog) - created on 19:20:01 04/07/2007 by Balrog and last modified on 15:59:18 04/22/2007. Cast: Ryo, Kain, Ryu, and Balrog.

Young Stars Collide - A battle royale between Elena, Hinako, Natsu, and Roberto at the Taiyo Dome. It's a close match almost the entire way through, but in the end Hinako manages to emerge victorious. Barely. (Winner: Hinako) - created on 19:31:28 04/07/2007 by Hinako and last modified on 19:04:57 04/12/2007. Cast: Natsu, Roberto, Elena, and Hinako.

Slugfest! D! vs Akira vs Maki - (4/0707) It's a Slugfest! A Trio of fighters rock on at Yankee Stadium to see who can become king of the Bronx Zoo! (Winner: Heavy D!) - created on 20:31:52 04/07/2007 by HeavyD and last modified on 22:39:47 08/20/2007. Cast: HeavyD, Akira, and Maki.

Frei/Kaiwei vs Hotaru/Tessa - Frei and Kaiwei take on Hotaru and Tessa in a Hong Kong Dim Sum restaurant. (Winners: Frei and Kaiwei) - created on 12:28:41 04/14/2007 by Hotaru and last modified on 16:24:57 04/22/2007. Cast: Frei, Hotaru, Tessa, and Kaiwei.

Zero vs Makoto/Aislinn - A close fight in an abandoned house barely leaves Aislinn and Makoto as the victors against Zero... (Winners: Aislinn and Makoto) - created on 14:46:58 04/14/2007 by Aislinn and last modified on 16:31:11 04/22/2007. Cast: Aislinn, Zero, and Makoto.

Cage Match! Kurow vs Balrog - This 'Punjabi Prison' cage match in the Metro City Industrial District pits one ninja versus another! (Winner: Balrog) - created on 22:54:50 04/15/2007 by Balrog and last modified on 16:35:12 04/22/2007. Cast: Kurow and Balrog.

Spelling Error! Drake vs Akira - Domino goes against Arika... err, I mean Akira, in a wrestling arena chock full of crazy, flailing moshers! They don't much care for Akira replacing the anticipated Arika! What's more, she comes in blindfolded! And to top it all off, she wins! (Winner: Akira) - created on 18:51:27 04/19/2007 by Drake and last modified on 16:40:10 04/22/2007. Cast: Drake and Akira.

No Punks Allowed! Ryo vs Kurow - Ryo vs Kurow, the Kyokugen Way! Unfortunately, the Extreme Karate Style failed to teach humility into the punk, Kurow, who has acquired the victory after a decisive exchange of blows! (Winner: Kurow) - created on 22:59:13 04/19/2007 by Ryo and last modified on 16:44:12 04/22/2007. Cast: Ryo and Kurow.

Kain/Kyosuke v Rolento/Heidern - Located on the roof top of the Burk Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, this fight sees the reuniting of an unlikely pair, Heidern and Rolento to face Kain and younger partner Kyosuke. The former's efficiency and co-ordination is frightfully precise, but even then the ending of this confrontation leaves its own unexpected twists. - created on 22:42:00 04/20/2007 by Kyosuke and last modified on 17:08:20 04/22/2007. Cast: Heidern, Kain, Kyosuke, and Rolento.

Heart! Shermie vs Arika/Momoko - Shermie takes on Momoko and Arika just outside the Louvre! (Winners: Arisa and Momoko) - created on 12:00:26 04/21/2007 by Shermie and last modified on 05:53:00 04/26/2007. Cast: Shermie, Momoko, and Arika.

Shopping! Kaiwei vs Mizuki - The Mall Breakdown Battle features Kaiwei taking a commanding lead throughout the fight until Mizuki finally comes alive and deals some significant damage of her own! (Winner: Kaiwei) - created on 13:07:00 04/21/2007 by Mizuki and last modified on 16:52:33 04/22/2007. Cast: Kaiwei and Mizuki.

Masks! Balrog vs Makoto/Tessa - LOCATION: Metro Costume Emporium, Metro City Financial District! (Winners: Makoto and Tessa) - created on 15:45:50 04/21/2007 by Balrog and last modified on 17:08:59 04/22/2007. Cast: Tessa, Makoto, and Balrog.

Hinako/Riko vs Roberto/Faolan - The Manila waterfront, and a crowd of thousands. A luxury super-yacht, cruising to nowhere. Four fighters. Two boys, two girls. It's Roberto and Faolan versus Hinako and Riko. The guys gain the upper hand, but before they can celebrate their victory, things go terribly wrong. It's like this week's SNF is cursed or something. First a murder, and now... (Official Winners: Roberto/Faolan) (Real Winners: Pirates) - created on 19:28:53 04/21/2007 by Riko and last modified on 17:10:14 04/22/2007. Cast: Riko, The soul of Faolan, Roberto, and Hinako.

Good, Bad, and the Vyle - SPECIAL: Bar Brawl- Someone must be attacked with a bar stool and someone needs to fall onto a piano and make a comically discordant sound upon the keys. Other than that, everything's fair game. Time-period costumes are encouraged but optional. Look, I just like costumes, alright? I'm sure Vyle has some green cowboy boots. (Winner: Jiro) - created on 22:34:44 04/21/2007 by Jiro and last modified on 17:00:59 04/22/2007. Cast: Hotaru, Jiro, and Vyle.

Rose vs Zero vs Cammy - What was originally intended to be a showdown between the psychic Rose and NESTS Second-in-Command Zero quickly devolves into a three-way free-for-all when Vega makes his presence known, showing off his newly reacquired toy -- Cammy, the Killer Bee. A long, intense battle ultimately leads into a nailbiting finish between Zero and Cammy... (Draw: Zero and Cammy) - created on 17:16:30 04/22/2007 by Zero and last modified on 05:55:53 04/26/2007. Cast: Zero, Rose, Vega, and Cammy.

Blades! Maki vs Elisabeth - Castillo de San Servando serves as the stage for this particular SNF, where Western nobility meets Eastern ninja arts in the heart of ancient Spanish history. At the risk of breaking antiques, the fighters square off - and their fight ultimately takes them to the roof, where the fight reaches its climax, and the Blanctorche heiress proves she's not to be trifled with - even when forced to improvise. (Winner: Elisabeth) - created on 19:35:13 04/22/2007 by Elisabeth and last modified on 05:58:39 04/26/2007. Cast: Elisabeth and Maki.

Ryo/Akira vs Clark/Elisabeth - A Hard Enough Life-- Ryo, unless you want even more pushups, you better win this time. And you better not let Akira show you up, that would be embarrassing. Also, clean your room, it's a mess. Honestly! (Winners: Clark and Elisabeth) - created on 22:41:46 04/27/2007 by Elisabeth and last modified on 11:07:29 05/05/2007. Cast: Clark, Ryo, Takuma, Elisabeth, and Akira.

Dudley/Hotaru vs D!/Roberto - The Boxer's Battle has Dudley somewhat disappointed with the proceedings until D! shows him the fire of a true boxer! Sometimes it isn't the loss that matters, but -how- you lose... (Winners: Heavy D! and Roberto) - created on 20:27:30 04/28/2007 by Dudley and last modified on 11:14:57 05/05/2007. Cast: Hotaru, HeavyD, Roberto, and Dudley.

Krizalid/Aislinn vs Zero/Frei - Hardcore platform battle! Zero and Frei face off against Krizalid and Aislinn in a horribly convoluted battle between two mobile platforms. Girders are thrown, people get punched, and in the end... (Winners: Zero and Frei) - created on 22:39:26 04/28/2007 by Zero and last modified on 11:27:44 05/05/2007. Cast: Frei, Aislinn, Krizalid, and Zero.

Kain/Terry vs Ryu/Chun-Li - Kain and Terry team up to fight Ryu and Chun-Li in front of the Shaolin Temple in Henan, China. Numerous incredible feats are pulled off, by everbody except Kain! Everbody holds their own, though, until the fight is suddenly brought to an abrupt halt thanks to the mighty Terry Bogard. (Winners: Kain and Terry) - created on 15:31:35 04/29/2007 by Kain and last modified on 12:37:45 05/05/2007. Cast: Terry, Kain, Ryu, and Chun-Li.

Beef! Haggar vs Drake/Hinako - First pose says it best: That's right, folks! Tonight's match comes to you straight from Southtown harbor, sponsored in part by Mu Kao's Funky Fish and More! And a special thanks to them for allowing us to use their processing factory's meat locker! (Winners: Hinako and Drake) - created on 17:47:09 04/29/2007 by Haggar and last modified on 12:41:16 05/05/2007. Cast: Drake, Haggar, and Hinako.

Vega/Balrog vs Chizuru/Iori - Two of the Three Sacred Treasures, versus two of the Four Shadaloo Kings. No, it's not a math problem, but it is a quite brutal fight! (Winners: Chizuru and Iori) - created on 18:15:08 04/29/2007 by Chizuru and last modified on 21:35:48 05/31/2007. Cast: Chizuru, Iori, Vega, and Balrog.

Horsies! Gato v Shingo v Luise - Despite some bad luck to start, Gato gets to watch with impressive sang-froid as his opponents beat the bejeezus out of each other. (Winner: Gato) - created on 22:00:07 04/29/2007 by Luise and last modified on 12:43:15 05/05/2007. Cast: Gato, Luise, and Shingo.

Karaoke Battel! Arika vs Sada - Akira fights Sada... then Kurow jumps in. And Iori. And Takuma. Hilarity ensues! (Winner: Arika, technically...) - created on 14:32:48 05/20/2007 by Kobun and last modified on 17:03:01 05/20/2007. Cast: Takuma, Iori, Arika, Sada, and Kurow.

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