SNF 2007.03

March 2007 Summary! - [OOC] Here is a collection of the SNF posts for March 2007. - created on 10:34:50 03/03/2007 by Kobun and last modified on 02:37:11 06/09/2007.

Grand Melee - A no holds barred cage match between Hinako and Yuri on one side, and Lykaio, Momoko, and Vyle on the other! Vyle and his teammates may not get along very well, but that doesn't keep them from managing to pull out a victory. (Winners: Lykaio, Momoko, Vyle) - created on 17:12:38 03/03/2007 by Hinako and last modified on 19:28:34 03/13/2007. Cast: Vyle, Momoko, Lykaio, Yuri, and Hinako.

Maki and Azrael vs Adelheid - Adelheid tackles another duo of opponents, with an impressive showing on both sides. In the end, sheer tenacity overcomes. (Winners: Maki and Azrael) - created on 19:42:16 03/03/2007 by Adelheid and last modified on 18:58:00 09/13/2007. Cast: Adelheid, Azrael, and Maki.

Gala! Elisabeth vs Ingrid/Elle - Politicians may not like fighting all that much, but their relatives sure do. Formal attire only, folks! (Winners: Elle and Ingrid) - created on 00:20:15 03/04/2007 by Elisabeth and last modified on 06:10:10 03/07/2007. Cast: Elle, Elisabeth, and Ingrid.

Urban Renewal! Iori v Remy/Sie - Anger vs Emo and Cheer! Can Kensou and Remy reconcile their stark differences long enough to put down Iori Yagami and destroy a run down park in Metro City at the same time?! Well... they can do one of two things, at least! (Winner: Iori) - created on 16:17:24 03/04/2007 by Iori and last modified on 06:15:28 03/07/2007. Cast: Iori, Remy, and Kensou.

Waterfowl? Ais/Rylee vs Duck - Two women and one King of Ducks. On a the harbor......full of zombies. CAN THEY SURVIVE!? (Winners: Rylee and Aislinn) - created on 17:21:41 03/04/2007 by Duck and last modified on 06:17:15 03/07/2007. Cast: Aislinn, Rylee, and Duck.

Debut! Alan R.B. vs Jesen - "Oh, what? Singing? This isn't some audition show, get serious!" (Winner: Alan) - created on 18:10:59 03/04/2007 by Alan and last modified on 06:19:36 03/07/2007. Cast: Alan and Jesen.

Luise vs Maki vs Heavy D! - Luise, Maki, and Heavy D! showdown in the Columbia University auditorium! (Winner: Heavy D!) - created on 20:54:59 03/10/2007 by Maki and last modified on 21:09:31 03/13/2007. Cast: HeavyD, Luise, and Maki.

Ingrid/Hinako vs Aislinn/Lupin - Four Rising Stars compete in this battle at Howard Arena. (Unfortunately the auto-logger was not turned on for this fight...) (Draw Match) - created on 23:50:48 03/10/2007 by Ingrid and last modified on 22:34:58 03/13/2007.

Billy/Nagase vs Iori/Azrael - Billy gets his chance to get a sparkling rematch against his so-called 'rival,' Iori Yagami! Things look bleak for Billy and Nagase, until a surprise twist occurs that turns the battle around sharply... (Winners: Billy/Nagase) - created on 17:05:28 03/11/2007 by Iori and last modified on 22:46:43 03/13/2007. Cast: Nagase, Azrael, Iori, and Billy.

Backyard Wrestling! - Team Big (Raiden and Mr.Big) versus Team Gender Confusion (Makoto, Akira, and Duolon). Geese is really mean sometimes. :o (Winners: Mr.Big and Raiden) - created on 17:54:38 03/11/2007 by Duolon and last modified on 05:40:27 03/19/2007. Cast: Duolon, Mr.Big, Akira, Makoto, and Raiden.

Shenwoo v Elisabeth v Rolento - Elisabeth faces off against two strapping young gentlemen. And Rolento needs a cold shower. c_c (Winner: Shenwoo) - created on 21:22:54 03/11/2007 by Elisabeth and last modified on 22:55:06 03/13/2007. Cast: Shenwoo, Elisabeth, and Rolento.

Fists! Boman/Makoto vs Dudley - [OOC] Makoto says, "I'm never giving you ideas again." (Winner: Dudley) - created on 17:16:44 03/17/2007 by Dudley and last modified on 21:34:32 03/19/2007. Cast: Boman, Makoto, and Dudley.

Nagase/Roberto vs Rolento - A commando takes on a ninja and a... soccer player? Sure... A soccer player should be harmless but it seems Lady Luck might have something to say about that. (Winners: Nagase and Roberto) - created on 20:20:37 03/17/2007 by Roberto and last modified on 21:36:00 03/19/2007. Cast: Nagase, Roberto, and Rolento.

Shermie/Akira vs Kensou/Shingo - The Battle of the Sexes rages on in Brugge, Belgium! (Winners: Shermie and Akira) - created on 20:32:25 03/17/2007 by Shermie and last modified on 21:43:54 03/19/2007. Cast: Shermie, Akira, Shingo, and Kensou.

Taiyo! Natsu/Sakura vs Billy - Could an unexpectedly brutal start turn this Taiyo High match from St. Patrick's Day celebration into a St. Valentine's Day Massacre?! (Winner: Billy) - created on 21:06:25 03/17/2007 by Sakura and last modified on 22:16:16 03/19/2007. Cast: Billy, Sakura, and Natsu.

Rumble! Hinako v Hugo v Raiden - YANKEES SUCK. LET US DESTROY THEIR STADIUM WITH HUGO, RAIDEN, AND HINAKO (Tie between Raiden and Hugo) - created on 14:54:41 03/18/2007 by Raiden and last modified on 21:16:07 03/19/2007. Cast: Hugo, Raiden, and Hinako.

Ingrid/Dante vs Yamazaki - Dante and Ingrid are pitted against Yamazaki, Destroyer of Worlds. ... And Dante forfeits. (Winner: Yamazaki) - created on 20:12:54 03/18/2007 by Yamazaki and last modified on 21:53:26 03/19/2007. Cast: Yamazaki, Ingrid, and Dante.

Takuma/Shen vs Heidern/Clark - Takuma and Shenwoo rock the USS Iowa in their battle against Heidern and Clark. (Winners: Takuma and Shenwoo) - created on 20:58:55 03/18/2007 by Heidern and last modified on 22:00:23 03/19/2007. Cast: Shenwoo, Clark, Takuma, and Heidern.

India! Kurow vs Heavy D! - A two-on-two bout here at the Lotus Temple in India was rebooked into a one-on-one between Kurow and Heavy D! And it seems the boxer's having a bit of trouble dealing with ninjas... (Winner: Kurow) - created on 22:27:19 03/18/2007 by HeavyD and last modified on 10:24:57 03/24/2007. Cast: HeavyD and Kurow.

Azrael/Riko vs Elisabeth - The Hong Kong Coliseum serves as the stage for two young competitors, Riko and Azrael, to challenge Miss Elisabeth Blanctorche. (Winner: Elisabeth) - created on 21:51:20 03/20/2007 by Elisabeth and last modified on 10:30:15 03/24/2007. Cast: Riko, Elisabeth, and Azrael.

Lykaio and Leilani vs Shermie - Man, you can't even walk into an amusement park without someone annoying chatting it up on their cellphone... (Winners: Leilani and Lykaio) - created on 19:33:45 03/24/2007 by Shermie and last modified on 05:56:57 03/29/2007. Cast: Shermie, Lykaio, and Leilani.

Dudley/Natsu vs Maki/Makoto - What looks like a major victory for Makoto and Maki gets turned around in the late-game, much to everyone's surprise! (Winners: Dudley and Natsu) - created on 23:10:42 03/24/2007 by Dudley and last modified on 05:59:37 03/29/2007. Cast: Natsu, Makoto, Dudley, and Maki.

Nagase/Luise vs Momoko/Kensou - It's MI versus PSI atop a moving train in the Texas badlands! (Winners: Nagase and Luise) - created on 16:15:20 03/25/2007 by Luise and last modified on 06:03:59 03/29/2007. Cast: Momoko, Nagase, Luise, and Kensou.

Relentless! Hugo/Vyle vs Alex - The Bullfighting Ring sees more than just skewered cows, as the tandem of Hugo and Vyle take on a bandaged Alex. However, things get a bit complicated as Hugo ends up turning on his own partner! And Vyle remains an ass! (Winners: Hugo and Vyle) - created on 18:56:02 03/25/2007 by Vyle and last modified on 22:48:18 03/29/2007. Cast: Vyle, Alex, and Hugo.

Heidern/Akira vs Kain/Dante - Kain Heinlein has a fanboy who's named Dante. No, it's not Jiro in disguise. The two are fighting Heidern and Akira. ... I don't think she's a Heidern fangirl. (Winners: Kain and Dante) - created on 20:23:22 03/25/2007 by Heidern and last modified on 06:10:54 03/29/2007. Cast: Heidern, Dante, Kain, and Akira.

Kurow/Rolento vs Rose/Shingo - It's carnage on a cruise ship in the Caribbean! (Winners: Kurow and Rolento) - created on 21:36:07 03/25/2007 by Kurow and last modified on 06:18:54 03/29/2007. Cast: Rose, Kurow, Rolento, and Shingo.

Sweets? Sakura vs Nagase/Ais - In the Dream Bakery of Metro City, what starts as a 2-v-1 fight devolves into a sort of free-for-all... (Winner: Nagase... and Aislinn. Kinda.) - created on 13:03:54 03/31/2007 by Aislinn and last modified on 20:35:25 04/02/2007. Cast: Aislinn, Nagase, and Sakura.

Concert! Athena v Balrog/Jesen - Concert Catastrophe: The play consists of the angel(Jesen) and the devil(Balrog) joining forces in a pact to overthrow The Goddess(Athena). Unfortunately, such an epic battle resulted in all parties being slain. In other words, it was a Saturday Night Fight that took place in the Syndey Opera House. (Draw Match) - created on 15:48:14 03/31/2007 by Jesen and last modified on 20:47:14 04/02/2007. Cast: Jesen, Athena, and Balrog.

Jericho/Alma v RB/Domino/Sarah - Alma and Jericho vs. Alan, Drake, and Sarah! Herein models have a dramatic clash! (Winners: Alan, Drake, and Sarah) - created on 19:35:35 03/31/2007 by Alan and last modified on 20:50:02 04/02/2007. Cast: Alma, Jericho, Alan, Sarah, and Drake.

Humvees! Ralf/D! vs Bear/Ryuji - "Oh, Yamazaki /remembers/ this. He remembers this buildup. There's no mistaking it when Ralf gets so pissed off that he looks like he's about to punch through an entire stack of babies. Most anyone with at least half a shred of sense would be getting the hell out of the way right now." ... It's dueling. With HUMVEES. ... Just pure awesome. (Winners: Yamazaki and Raiden) - created on 16:31:03 04/01/2007 by Raiden and last modified on 20:55:52 04/02/2007. Cast: HeavyD, Ralf, Yamazaki, and Raiden.

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